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16 Ways to Save Money Whilst Buying Green

July 17, 2012 by  
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naturalmatCaring about the environment is something that is of great importance to Naturalmat ( who’s aim it is to ensure you sleep safely and comfortably in the best, most natural environment possible. But caring for the environment is down to us too and contrary to what you might think, you’ll not just be saving the planet, but also money in the long run.

1.  Washing-up Liquid

Looking after the environment starts at home and although it’s easy to be dazzled by cheaper washing-up liquid options, with eco-friendly versions a little goes a long way.

2.  Washing

Buying a new washing machine may not be top priority, but a more energy efficient model could save you money in the long run. Couple this with an eco-friendly powder used in smaller quantities to stretch it out.

3.  Let there be Light

If your home is still lit with bumper packs of cheap bulbs then perhaps it’s time to replace them one-by-one with more energy efficient versions. They cost a little more, but will pay for themselves eventually.

 4.  Water

If you feel dubious about drinking tap water don’t reach for expensive varieties in plastic bottles, but invest in a decent water purifier. These filter out any contaminants leaving you with perfectly safe drinking water without the packaging.

5.  Buy in Bulk

If you have the storage space, think about getting some of your food or household items cheaper by buying them in bulk. By reducing excessive packaging, as well as eliminating unnecessary transport costs to and from the supermarket, you will help the environment, too.

6.  Organic Box Scheme

Many people complain that organic food is more costly, but by signing up for a box scheme it can work out as cheap as non-organic supermarket food because of less packaging and saved petrol costs due to free delivery. Of course, you will also be supporting a system that doesn’t send harmful chemicals into the environment.

7.  Grow your Own

Don’t overlook the grow-your-own salad packs in favour of an instant bag of rocket! Nothing tastes as good as your own and the money you will save during the summer simply by growing a few trays of salad leaves, will surprise you.

8.  Home Cooking

Eating out is convenient and easy, but staying home and throwing a curry night for friends is much better for the environment as well as your pocket. So why not use saved money to invest in some Indian cuisine crockery that can be used time and time again.

 9.  Cloth Napkins

It’s tempting to drop a packet of cheap paper napkins into your basket each time you’re throwing a dinner party, but cloth napkins are much classier and will be reused for years.

10.  Energy Monitor

An energy monitor can cost you £30+ but by keeping you updated with what you’re using, you’ll definitely cut your electricity bill each month.

11.  Insulation

It’s a known fact that vast amounts of heat escape through the roof so invest in a good natural insulation such as sheep’s wool and save yourself money on heating bills.

 12. Drying Clothes in Winter

We know tumble dryer usage is bad for the environment and soaking up central heating with loaded radiators is no good either, but with a ceiling-mounted dryer your clothes are not only out of the way, but also being happily dried by rising heat.

 13.Eco Sleeping

There is no other time when it is more important to ensure you are in as natural an environment as possible, than during sleep. A natural and organic mattress such as one from Naturalmat using materials including cashmere, locally sourced lambswool and mohair is a worthwhile investment for you, and the environment.

14. Green Tunes

Save money on electricity, help the environment and keep yourself fit by investing in a wind-up radio!

 15.  Wood Burner

The initial outlay of having a wood burner installed is not to be sniffed it, but with rising fuel costs alone it may be a smart move and salvaged wood for fuel is recycling at its best.

16. Eco Cuppa

… and if you have a wood burner, why not save electricity and keep the kettle simmering on top!


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