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5 Steps to Living Better and Living Greener

August 6, 2012 by  
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There are now many different ways of living a more environmentally friendly life, but are any of them right for you? There seems little point in suffering for the sake of going green, so let’s see how your family could live better while doing their bit.

Make Your Own Food

This is a wonderful idea for big families who spend a lot of money on shopping trips or for parents who want to encourage their kids to eat healthier. If you have a big garden then cultivating your own fruit and vegetables can be a fun job for everyone to take part in. Don’t forget that we often buy produce from the supermarket which has travelled huge distances to get there, so by growing our own food we are making a difference. Even if you don’t do this, you could still do things like cook healthier meals using more organic, locally grown vegetables. Another idea is to get a bread maker and make your own tasty bread. You can get these from the Lakeland website and your bread will be tastier and healthier than ever once you start using it.

Think About the Bathroom

When we think about green bathrooms then things like compost toilets tend to spring automatically to mind. These are great but there aren’t suitable for everyone. If you want to have a greener bathroom without the hassle then there are plenty of simple ways of doing this. For example, you could use less water by fitting some of the clever products which are around online now, such as those which limit the amount used by a flushing toilet. These will help you save water in just about everything you use the room for and won’t adversely affect you in any way.

Laundry Issues

Going green doesn’t have to mean washing your clothes less but it can mean using colder water. Most of the energy which a washing machine consumes is involved in heating up the water, and piping hot water isn’t needed to clean most items of dirty clothing. A sensible move is to equip your laundry area with a laundry basket and fill it with the things which can be washed in cold water. Anything which you feel needs hot water washing can be kept apart.

Tidy Up and Recycle

We often think about recycling as being something we only do to the rubbish we throw out. However, what about the junk you have lying around cluttering up the house? A good, old fashioned spring clean makes the place look better and generally puts all of the occupants in a better mood as well. If you can recycle some of your junk and make the house look tidier as well then this is a double benefit, isn’t it?

Use Rainwater

We already looked at the use of water in the bathroom, but what about using rainwater? This is a fantastic, free resource which more and more people are looking at utilising these days. You can collect and use this water for watering plants or washing the car with. It is especially useful if you live somewhere with frequent water restrictions in the summer months.

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