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A Family Home Should Be the Safest Place in the World

August 6, 2012 by  
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safe homesWhen you buy or build a property for your family you will want it to be a lovely place. Comfortable furniture, nice colours and a few pieces of cutting edge technology are probably all on your wish list.

One thing you don’t want to forget though is the need to keep it safe as well. Your family deserve to live in a place where they can relax and feel completely at ease. It is now easy to do this, so with a little bit of effort you can make the family home more secure in the following ways.

A Visual Burglar Deterrent

A top quality burglar alarm should probably be the first item on your home security shopping list. When a potential intruder sees this he will realise that getting in to the property isn’t going to be easy. With any luck he will give up and try somewhere else where there are less signs of the owners being concerned about their security.

Strong Doors and Locks

If anyone does attempt to break into the property then you will want to make sure that they meet a barrier which they can’t break down easily. This means getting strong doors and fitting good locks to them. The house’s windows might also be a weak point, so you should look at whether you need to fit locks to them too.

A Way of Being Alert

When we are away from home it is easy to start to doubt whether everything is ok back there. Long trips to go on holiday or for business purposes can involve a lot of nervousness for this reason. Thankfully, it is easy to overcome if you install a modern CCTV system in your home. This will allow you to monitor activity in the area even when you are far from it. Some of the best ones work by letting you log into a secure website using a unique user ID and watching real time footage of your house. If this doesn’t set your mind at ease nothing will. You will find systems on sale online and websites such as the ADT one will tell you everything you need to know.

A Burglar Unfriendly Environment

A good final point to bear in mind is whether or not your property and its garden are ideal for a burglar to snoop around. Do you have shadowy areas under your windows or is there a tree which leads directly to a window? You might live in a house with problems like this for years without even noticing them but thieves are sure to look out for exactly this kind of thing. Your local police officers will give you advice on keeping your family home secure but often a bit of common sense is enough. You should walk around the property at different times of day and try to see it as a criminal might. You could end up very surprised at the amount of inviting little spots in the garden which are ideal for crouching down out of sight and assessing how best to gain entry.

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