My name is Brenda and I am the publisher and editor of this blog. I publish several other successful blogs amongst which are: Practical Baby Products highlighting great products for the 0-5 age range; Brenda Cuby Lifestyle; and Digital Business Consultancy, a social media blog where my team of copywriters creating unique content for this and other blogs.

We are what would be classed as light greenie people, who realise that for the sake of the world we live in and for future generations, we need to be more careful and thoughtful in how we live our lives.  It is impossible to change everything at once, but if we can be aware, we can make a difference!

I want to share with you all, my ideas on what the eco-friendly shopping options available are, tips, product reviews, my thoughts, dreams and aspirations on how living a greener life is not just about paying extra, because it’s got the “green” label, it’s much more than that, some of the “greener” options cost nothing at all!

Of course if you have a product that you wish to recommend or you are a retailer and want to share your goodies with us, we would love to hear from you, get in touch via the contact page.

TGF is a team effort and our on board contributors are:

Jo Ward

My passion is writing and in this respect I am so pleased that Brenda has asked me to join her as a contributor on TGF. Investigating and gathering information on environmental issues has been an interesting learning curve for me, and has certainly had an impact on my own life in a ‘green’ way! Apart from TGF, I am involved at Committee level in a national arts organisation and also work for various companies using my PR and copywriting skills, leaving little time for my aspiration to become a published novelist! My past experience has included working as a freelance journalist and features editor for several magazines and online publications, and I was recently part of a successful Social Media business, workITgibraltar. I also act as blog editor and contributing writer for Practical Baby Products, Brenda Cuby Lifestyle and Digital Business Consultancy.

Simon Matthews

Simon is a social media enthusiast and blogger.  He holds an Honours Degree in Creative Studies in English, and has previously worked for an online media company. In his spare time he enjoys travelling, reading, and attending cultural events. Follow him on Twitter as @simon_mat


Erica Price

After a successful career in financial services, Erica has moved into writing professionally online and manages her own blog 92three30, which is dedicated to topics of interest to parents of school age children. In her spare time she enjoys social media networking; serves as a school governor; and is secretary and volunteers coordinator for a local charity committee.

Erica says:  ”From a green perspective we certainly try to do our bit, but we could probably do a bit more. I do buy environmentally friendly products for the house; buy some organic food; and we compost all our food waste either at home or on the allotment.  We recycle loads too and put out less than one black bag of rubbish a week.  On the minus side, we tried and failed with reusable nappies and have used disposables, but we have successfully used reusable babywipes.

I’m very keen to support local shops and buy all my meat from the local butcher and use small greengrocers whenever I can too.  I also try to purchase British (or European) products where possible and make sure I check the country of origin of the fruit and vegetables I buy, so that I don’t buy onions from Australia or apples from Chile. I’m also a great believer in walking when I can, rather than getting in the car, and I’ve found that it keeps me fit too.

Filippa Woolf

I am a full-time working mum to a little boy about to turn one! With fantastic support from my parents, I am lucky that they look after the little one whilst I have to work.  I have been with my employer for 25 years and none of my roles have been as challenging as being a new mum. It’s fun, amazing, and rewarding and has opened my eyes to a whole new world of shopping opportunities!! In my spare time, which is now not so spare – I bake, make and decorate cupcakes and special occasion cakes.

Joanne Smith

Mother of two amazing children, part-time worker in the public sector, nagging wife, chocoholic, newbie blogger, daughter, sister, friend…. These are just some of the “hats” that I wear on a daily basis! From an eco-friendly viewpoint, I like to think that I try my best when it comes to doing my bit for the environment, and am more conscious than ever (since becoming a parent) about the legacy we will leave to the next generation. There is a wise proverb which states “We don’t inherit the Earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children”. So true. Our actions today, leave consequences which the future generation will face tomorrow. Never has it been more important for us to sustain our planet.
On a far more shallow and superficial note – when I have any time between dirty nappies, preschool, and colouring in (with my 3 year old, not by myself…), I have started logging my musings on my two obsessions (parenting and weight loss!) on the following blog www.fatmummyslim.com


TGF Rated Reviewers include the above and the following:

Ellie Hothersall – I am a mother to a girl and a boy, and constantly juggle that with working full time in Public Health. We live in an 18th Century listed building, which means we are very conscious of our energy bills and lowering our energy intake. We grow some of our own food, and keep chickens in the back garden, hoping to teach the children something about where food comes from in a straight forward way. Through energy conservation, recycling, ethical shopping and choosing quality over convenience, I hope we can lead by example, without preaching, while accepting that sometimes there is a need to compromise.

Claire Fryer

Sue Fuller

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