Due to the large volume of enquiries that are being received from retailers and brand owners, I feel it is important to make clear how The Green Familia (TGF) works and I have implemented some changes to ensure that the site can operate effectively.

How do I get my store or product featured?

Use the contact form to send in a request to be featured.  We have a list of companies that have requested them or their products to be featured and you will be added to the list, due to the volume it is not always possible to reply straight away to this request.

I want to be added to your Shops we love/Favourite blogs/Green Reading – Can I be added?

I add what I read and where I shop and it would be misleading to readers if I were to add you so please don’t send emails asking to be added to these lists. We have a stockist page where you can either choose to have a free basic listing or an upgraded listing.  For more information get in touch with us via the contact page.

Can I send you a product to be reviewed?

If you would like to send product(s) to be reviewed or find out more info, please get in touch with us via the contact page. You need to state what product(s) you are looking to be reviewed and how long you can lend/give them to us for. Ideally product needs to be with us for a minimum of 14 days and you’re responsible for return of the product so you will need to supply paid postage if you wish them to be returned.

I can’t afford to advertise – Can I give you a competition prize instead?

We have advertising spaces to suit all budgets starting at less than £30 a month. However, if you do want to do a competition, please get in touch with us via the contact page to discuss the options available.

I would like to provide a discount code

We accept unique discount codes for the readers of TGF to use in you stores, anything over 20% gets a premium listing, anything over 15% gets a scheduled post on the discount.  Discount codes must be valid for a minimum of a month.

Can I send press releases?

Yes we do accept press releases, please make contact first via the contact page. so that they do not end up in our spam filter.  Do not under any circumstances subscribe our email addresses to your mailing lists as this is against the law! You need to ask our permission.

I would like to work with TGF on some joint marketing activity – do you do this?

Yes we do but this is more of a recent thing and tends to be with companies that a relationship has already been established with.   Please get in touch with us via the contact page for more information.

Can we use your posts on our site?

Yes but please credit them with a link back to TGF.

Can you write an article/blog post for my site?

Yes but you would need to pay for this. For more info, please use the contact page.

Last update 26 September 2009 Brenda Cuby, publisher and owner.

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