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Adapting to Advancing Years

October 17, 2012 by  
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older livingAt the start of the last century in the UK the average person’s life expectancy was now what we would class today as early middle age. Find out more about how we can all adapt to living longer.

It is a great testament to campaigners for social welfare and for those involved in medical breakthroughs that we now enjoy increasingly long life expectancies for both men and women and that for most people the idea of retirement is something to look forward to as the start of a new stage of life.

Sadly though for some of us growing older means adapting to changes in our health and dealing with illnesses or infirmities brought on by advancing years. In many cases this is thankfully no more serious than finding an increased difficulty in mobility but for some it can mean far more challenging situations.

Planning Ahead

It is impossible to know what the future will bring but often it is both wise and practical to have a good guess at how changing circumstances will affect us later in life.

For many this often means ‘downsizing’ in terms of property and this is in fact often something that people have looked forward to. The idea of ‘moving to the seaside’ may be an idealised version of selling up but for some the freedom that grown up children having flown the nest brings means that long held plans to live elsewhere can become a reality.

Changing Things Round

Of course many people are quite happy where they live and it is the idea of being forced to move through ill health or infirmity that causes them greatest worry. Thankfully there are many simple and cost effective ways to adapt your home to the challenges of advancing years, especially if an increasingly lack of mobility is the main problem.

The fitting of stair lifts or access ramps can lead to a whole new lease of life, and the relatively straightforward job of walk in bathtub can help extend self sufficiency and non dependency for many years.

Thinking Positively

The old saying goes “you are only as old as you feel” and there is a great truth in the words. We have all met people who are in receipt of full health but at a relatively early age seem to ‘get old’ and often this can be the slippery slope of a decline. Conversely the news stories that feature the increasing amount of people who are hitting the milestone of their 100th birthday often gives an insight into people whose love of life is undiminished by the years and whose eyes sparkle with a glint of youth long gone.

The fact that many of us can look forward to a long old age is something to be celebrated and should not be shied away from, and thinking about it now and again can only help us make the changes needed to enjoy those years to the full.

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