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Anjaly Yoga Clothes but not just for Yoga!

October 31, 2012 by  
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Yoga clothes have to follow some guiding principles! They have to be functional, comfortable, easy-to-wear and soft on the skin. However, you don’t have to sacrifice these qualities for style and the Anjaly Yoga clothes range offer quality garments that are on-trend and take you seamlessly from yoga to everyday wear.

Most importantly for us here at TGF is that all the items in the Anjaly range are made from 100% eco-friendly fibres, such as organic cotton and bamboo. The clothes are really attractive, fit beautifully and feel amazing to wear.

There is no need to plan what you are going to wear for the day if you have some of the items from the Anjaly collection in your wardrobe. Think about it! Get up in the morning, pull on the bamboo skinny pants and top with a comfortable Casual T., then wrap yourself in the Long Open Jacket and you’re all set for the school run.

After saying goodbye at the school gates, you head straight for Yoga class. Change into the Sporty Training Tank that you have popped into your tote bag and you’re ready to get hot and sweaty on the Yoga mat! When class has finished, and you’ve had a quick shower before grabbing a coffee with your friends, change back into your Casual T. and add the Short-cut Jacket. Great for shopping before meeting your other half for a casual lunch! Then in the evening you can relax at home in the classic Kimono Pants and a Basic Tank top.

The other thing that we love here at TGF, apart from the eco-friendly inspired clothing, is the fact that Anjaly cater for women of all shapes and there is bound to be something to suit you, so no matter what your size you will feel and look great!

Stylish, comfortable Yoga wear is what Anjaly offers. All the clothes mentioned can be found on the website here.


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