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Antara Spa Launch Beach Body Blitz

The thought of showing off your body on the beach can be a daunting prospect, but never fear, you too can have the perfect bikini beach body that will leave you parading along the beach with confidence. Looking the part is half the battle and now you can take advantage of a full beach body blitz with the Summer Top-to-Toe package from the Antara Spa for just £75!

Just like the celebs that we see strutting their stuff on the Costa del Sol or further afield in places such as the Caribbean, you can also have perfectly polished nails and an even, glowing tan, but before you set off on your holiday.

The Antara Spa is located within the exclusive Chelsea Football Club complex at Stamford Bridge in Fulham. The Spa opened in October 2010, and offers a full range of innovative holistic treatments from around the world that include Ayurvedic, Oriental and European influences.

Antara means ’balance or ’from within’ and the spa’s ethos is based on bringing harmony to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Take advantage of some of their other treatments whilst you are there to get you in that relaxed holiday mood. There are a fantastic range of different therapies to choose from. Indian Ayurvedic therapy supports an integrated approach to preventing and treating illness through lifestyle interventions and natural therapies based on your body type. Oriental therapies are based on balancing the ’chi’, working in line with the intrinsic energies of the body to affect energy flow and to find balance and finally, the more traditional European treatments, combat the stresses of everyday life via the healing properties of physical touch.

So get ready to strut your stuff in that bikini body and ensure that you look as great on the sand as off it!

The Summer Top-to-Toe package includes:

- Gel Manicure

- Fake Bake spray tan with full body exfoliation

- Express Pedicure

For more information on how to book your Summer Top-to-Toe package, click here.

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