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Bobbins from Sam Samson

August 1, 2012 by  
Filed under Decor & Interiors, Home & Garden

I was delighted to stubble across these recycled bobbins from Sam Samson.  You can attach the bobbins anywhere where you have some thing hanging down with a weight or handle on it.  I’m tempted to get some to use a light switch pulls or on window blinds.  They don’t have to serve a purpose though and they could be simply used as decoration.  These spinning bobbins come on jute rope with 100gm jute twine and are priced at £6.50.  If you want something a little more intricate there are a number of choices available on the Sam Samson website.

Who would have thought that you could turn a bobbin into a timer?  These lovely timers are made from recycled bobbins with the timing glasses inside.  You can choose from a 5 minute timer, a 10 minute timer or an hour timer.  They obviously serve a practical purpose, but I think they are also very decorative.  Prices start from £12.50 for a 5 minute timer.


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