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Bury the Badger Cull: Ethical Consumer Calls on Shoppers to Buy Organic Milk


Ethical Consumer, the UK’s leading ethical and environmental magazine, calls on shoppers to buy organic milk and help bury the badger cull.


They have published a buyers’ guide to dairy milk, where they gathered and examined the responses of the top brands to a wide range of ethical and environmental issues including animal welfare, forced labour, mega-dairies and pricing. They have also produced a buyers’ guide to soya and non-dairy milk.


They believe the long-term solution to combat the bovine TB crisis is for the dairy industry to adopt the practices of the organic dairy farms. The buyers’ guide also examines the policies of leading milk producers towards the proposed badger cull.


Ethical Consumer recommends the following dairy milk companies as environmental and ethical best buys:


*Bowland Organic Milk

*Calon Wen Organic Milk

*Dale Farm Organic Milk

*Duchy Originals

*Graham’s Organic Milk

*Yeo Valley Organic Milk


Ethical Consumer has also produced a buyers’ guide to soya and non-dairy milk, and recommends the following soya and non-dairy milk companies as environmental and ethical best buys:



*Good Hemp




*Rice & Rice


*The Bridge


Yeo Valley, one of the largest organic dairy companies in the UK, has led the way for a good standard for milk production. They have publicly objected to the badger cull and have adopted a series of environmental initiatives.


With the UK’s supermarkets supplying 70% of the country’s milk, co-author of the Ethical Consumer dairy milk buyers’ guide Heather Webb said:


“We’re now issuing a challenge to supermarkets, especially those with the more ground-breaking ethical policies to do the right thing and bring their dairy production in line with that of the organic sector.”


For more information, visit the Ethical Consumer website:


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