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Business Mum Week: Kate from Kate Hamilton-Hunter Studio

October 10, 2009 by  
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kate and boysHere is the last Business Mum of the week.  I hope you have all enjoyed learning a bit more about these wonderful ladies.

Who are you?

I´m Kate Hamilton-Hunter and live with my four boys (aged from 5 to 18 years old) in beautiful North Wales.

Name of company?

The Kate Hamilton-Hunter Studio,
How did you get involved in an eco business?

Using lovely old biscuit, sweet and toffee tins came about quite accidentally.  Having finished a HNC course in Textiles and given birth to a baby boy on the night of the final show, a year later I was lacking creative direction and found myself on a course with an artist called Lucy Casson who makes wonderful Clanger-like creatures from olive oil cans and the like.  I made an angel out of a Golden Syrup tin and I was away.  I now seek out tobacco tins, toffee tins, cake tins and tea caddies to design and make our unique jewellery.

There is another side to the story though.  Because I have lived in and near the countryside since the age of 10, I have much love and respect for the natural world.  The more I have read about climate change, the more I have realised how precious and fragile our amazing planet is and how it is our responsibility to put the brakes on.  So, the two things came together and I hope our jewellery flies the flag for beautiful products that don’t literally, cost the earth.
What is the best part of being a working mum?

I am a working Mum, with my own company because I want to achieve my full potential in life.  I hope I am a good role model for my four boys, especially as I’m also a single parent.  I think the best thing for me is that the children have had to help with the cleaning, cooking, dog-walking etc because I literally can’t do everything.  I hope it will enable them to step out into the world as capable adults who don’t expect other people to clean up after them or put their dinner on the table every night.
What is the worst part of being a working mum?

The worst part has to be the times when you have to be at a meeting or a trade show, because the business needs you to be there, but your children also need you at home.  It’s all about balance, so I make sure I have time off in the school holidays and at weekends.  I also try to go away a couple of times a year so that I really switch off and focus solely on doing family things together.
Your top tip to other mums thinking about starting an eco business? 

You have to find a niche, something different and clever, as there are now lots of companies out there with fantastic eco products and ideas.  Don’t think you’ll just start a website to sell eco stuff and it’ll just take off.  Decide if you want to sell or trade or to the public, do your homework and do the maths!

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