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Business Mum Week: Tabitha from Mimimyne

October 9, 2009 by  
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tabitha pottsWho are you?

My name is Tabitha Potts, my background is in the media, I’ve worked as a researcher in TV and radio for the BBC and other companies and also co-authored a book on childcare. Nowadays, I run my own company and work part-time as a web content editor. I’m married with two sons aged 7 and 5 who keep me very busy!

Name of company?

My company is called Mimimyne, it’s an eco store selling organic baby clothes, funky kids clothes, organic baby products, eco friendly toys and sustainably produced kids furniture.

How did you get involved in an eco business?

I’d had the idea of setting up my own business for a while: as I had taken time out to have children and had a lot of gaps in my CV, I knew I might face difficulties getting a job in TV again, and I also didn’t feel comfortable about having my children in full-time childcare. When I started looking around for eco friendly products for my two boys, and realised that there was a niche for companies promoting sustainably produced, gorgeous designs for kids, the idea for Mimimyne came to me. While researching my business plan I read a book called “Your Ethical Business” by Paul Allen which helped a lot in terms of planning how to make Mimimyne as green as possible. I’ve always been interested in environmental issues as it’s something I was brought up to think about and so having a green business was a natural progression.

What is the best part of being a working mum?

I never feel bored by or resentful of my work, I set it up and am responsible for it running smoothly so I am if anything too obsessed with it! I love the freedom of being my own boss and organising my own time. I also love being able to pick up my kids from school myself and spend time with them.

What is the worst part of being a working mum?

I sometimes feel torn trying to juggle business commitments with childcare commitments: lots of networking events are in the early evening, for example, and are hard for me to get to. I have had to become very organised with my time, and prioritise carefully, in order to get enough work done during school hours and not to have to spend every night in front of the computer!

Your top tip to other mums thinking about starting an eco business?

I think eventually running an ‘eco’ business will become the norm, as companies work harder to minimise their impact on the environment. Small businesses selling small designer-makers’ products, like mine, will be competing with large corporations who will be able to keep costs lower than we can. In order to stand out from the pack, we will have to feature innovative and exciting products that are desirable to buyers. So once you’ve established how to make your business as green as possible, try and work out what else you can offer to make it unique!

Image is used with the courtesy of Ian Billinghurst.

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