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Charity of the Month: The Place2Be

Today’s primary school children face all kinds of challenges that threaten to derail them, from gang culture on our streets to abuse at home. Unless they are given the means to cope, their feelings of sadness, fear and anger can easily spill over in the classroom – and in society And whilst some children may become disruptive, others will withdraw completely, shutting everyone out. A staggering 80% of children showing behavioural problems at the age of five go on to develop more serious forms of anti-social behaviour, and over 90% of young offenders have had a mental health problem as a child.

The Place2Be was established in response to the increasing concern about the extent and depth of emotional and behavioural difficulties displayed in classrooms and playgrounds. A school-based counselling service, The Place2Be is dedicated to improving the emotional well-being of children, their families and the whole school community.

By giving children the chance to explore their problems through talking, creative work and play, we enable them to cope now and make better-informed decisions about their lives and help prevent more serious mental health and behavioural problems in later life. When children are happier and less preoccupied with problems, they find it easier to learn and so their educational chances are much enhanced.

Established in 1994, they are currently working with 155 schools across the UK, often in areas of great deprivation. Their services are available to 51,000 children coping with problems such as bereavement, family breakdown, domestic violence, trauma and bullying.

The Place2Be works hand-in-hand with parents and carers to:

  • help children to feel good about themselves so that they can be more confident in friendships and family relationships – and able to learn better in school.
  • encourage positive relationships and shared aims between schools and parents and support both parties in achieving this
  • help parents to better understand and communicate with their children, so that family life can be less of a struggle

For more information on their services or to find out how to become a volunteer, visit their website at

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