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Children’s Activity Parties: Halloween

A really important part of any Halloween party is dressing up and there are always lots of costumes to choose from in the shops.  There’s quite a range of themes: pumpkins, vampires, witches, etc.  So when you invite people make sure they know that it’s fancy dress.

I love the traditional games like apple bobbing.  I’d recommend small apples for these as they’re easier for little mouths.  You don’t need masses of water and a washing up bowl will do the job.  An alternative is to do without the water and suspend the apples on strings.  You can do the mummy wrap too.  This is usually done with rolls of toilet paper to cover the child with ‘bandages’, but I’d suggest using newspaper instead for a more eco friendly version of the game.

There are any number of arty activities you can try and what you decide to do may depend on the time available and the age of the children concerned.  The most obvious suggestion is pumpkin carving which is lots of fun, but can be time consuming, a bit tricky and it’s certainly a challenge if you don’t want to waste all that pumpkin flesh.  It can be nice to do the same thing with squashes rather than pumpkins as they are smaller (and I think more tasty to eat).   Bat shapes are quite easy to cut out decorate and you can do this with black card or paper or better still make some biscuits.  If you make biscuits make sure you have the right colours of food colouring to make icings (red, green, white and black would be my picks).

For refreshments you can obviously use your bat biscuits and apples from your activities.  If you have some suitably shaped cutters you could make sandwiches in the shape of pumpkins or bats.  I’d recommend using some normal foods and giving them spooky or ghoulish names or making them in a different shape: carrot fingers, cheesy eye balls or snake pizzas.

If you’re looking for more seasonal party ideas, how about an autumn party.

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