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Children’s Activity Parties: Hedgerow Hunt

September 27, 2011 by  
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For this party you’ll probably need to use a park or local woods, but if you have a big productive garden that might work too.

The first activity is a treasure hunt for autumnal natural items.  What you look for will depend on your venue (so have a look round in advance so that you aren’t asking the impossible), but I’ve got a few suggestions for you here.  Ask the children to find different types of nut like acorns, beech mast, conkers and chestnuts.  Seeds from trees are another good one, try sycamore, ash and lime trees.  Berries too, but this will be one for older children or if you have lots of adults as there are dangers in eating the wrong type of berries.  Leaves from the various trees are good and challenge the children to find ones in different autumn hues.  If you’re in the garden with fruit trees, you could get your guests to find apples of various colours. It would be helpful to have some identification guides on hand, unless you’re an expert.  Borrow them from the library, if you don’t have any at home.

Collect a range of natural objects and take them home for some painterly fun.  Make a collage with colourful leaves, cones, nuts and seeds.  Have plenty of glue and some brightly coloured paint on hand to create a wonderful autumn array. You could create a picture of a hedgerow and encourage the children to include some of the animals that will make it their home.

For refreshments, try to match the foods to the activity.  A berry pie would be lovely, but blackberry jam on toast is simple and will go down very well too.  You could even pick some blackberries while you’re out on your treasure hunt to add to a pudding.  If you have a good supply of local chestnuts you could try roasting them, but not all children will like the taste. Some toasted seeds or bread with seeds on top would be nice too.  Drinks could be on the berry theme too and if it’s a cold day consider warming up the blackcurrant squash a little.

If you’re looking for other party ideas this month, then how about a Harvest party.


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