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Children’s Activity Parties: Leap Year Day

February 24, 2012 by  
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It only comes round every 4 years so make the most of leap year day.  Use celebrating the day as a way of educating children about how our calendar works.

I’ve put together some party ideas centred around leapfrogs to have a fun activity party.  You could ask your guests to wear something green to continue the theme.

First have a go at making frog paper plates.  Either use green ones or paint them green yourself, then fold the plate in half and add limbs and features.  It’s worth getting some googly eyes in and some red and green card to make a tongue and green for the legs.  You could even use your frogs to perform a puppet show if you like.

Cut out some lily pad shapes from green card and blue tack or sellotape then to a hard floor.  There are any number of games you can play with them, but try laying them out in hopscotch formation for a indoor game.  You can use them for target practise with a bean bag or you could use them in a game of musical lilypads (on the musical chairs theme).

If  it’s a nice enough day to run around in the garden.  You could get the children to leapfrog outside to let off some steam.  Younger children could indulge in some role play by jumping around and croaking.

For refreshment go for anything green: cucumber and avocado chunks on cocktail sticks stuck into a lime, plus pumpkin seeds to keep parents happy.  Try green coloured cakes, biscuits or icing for those with a sweet tooth.  How about serving green lemonade (normal lemonade with added green food colouring) or limeade/lime cordial?

If you’re looking for more party ideas this month then St.David’s Day and St.Patrick’s Day are coming up soon.


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  1. Excellent ideas! I hadn’t even thought of celebrating 29th February. Thanks for sharing!

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