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Children’s Activity Parties: Rainy Days

Sometimes the weather is so unpromising for days on end, you just have to embrace it.  Making use of those relentlessly rainy days is the aim of this activity party.  It’s one that can be arranged at short notice too and everyone will be glad of something to entertain the children.

Ask your guests to bring waterproofs, wellies, a towel and a change of clothes.  Collect together things that can be used to hold and pour rainwater.  I raided the kitchen and bathroom and came up with washing up bowls, seaside toys, bathroom toys, funnels, plastic cups and jugs.  Put some bowls out ahead of the party to collect rainwater, but if you forget, you can just use the tap. If you don’t have a garden, you could just go for a walk and do lots of splashing around in puddles.

Another fun activity to do while they are outside is to use the rain to make a picture.  Before they go outside get them to draw some lines or patterns onto an uncoated paper plate, they can be reasonably generous with the paint.  Get them to let the rain fall on the plate and turn the plate to allow the raindrops to move around and create patterns.

Send the children out to play once they are suited and booted up. Have a drying area ready for when they come back in with mats, newspapers, etc.  to deal with the muddy boots.  Have towels to hand and make sure your house is warm, so they quickly feel warm and cosy again.

Have some hot food and drink available for when they come in.  I suggest warm blackcurrant squash with something fairly hearty to eat like freshly baked bread rolls or a bread pudding.

A nice indoor crafty activity to try is to draw a picture with crayon: an outdoor scene. Then use a dilute solution of blue food colouring to cover the scene with rain.  The food colouring will only colour the areas not covered with crayon so creating a rainy effect.

If you’re looking for more party ideas at this time of year or if it isn’t raining, how about a May Day party?



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