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Children’s Activity Parties: Snow

December 26, 2011 by  
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snowmanBy it’s very nature, this party will have to be scheduled when there is snow to be had.  You’ll need a reasonable amount to be able to carry out some of the activities in this one.

Sledge races are great fun.  There’s endless variations.  I suggest dividing the children into teams with a mix of ages and having a relay race.  Younger children can be pulled along by older children and you can play on the flat or a slope depending on how much speed you want to introduce.  You could have all the team on the same toboggan and the winning team is the first to cross the finishing line.

Snowmen are the obvious snow sculptures to make, but you could run a mini competition with a selection of small prizes for the best sculptures:  a prize for the best snowman or penguin or polar bear, the most inventive subject, the smallest, the biggest, etc. so that everyone gets something.

Another idea (but one that will take some advance planning) is to make a snowman pinata.  For this you’ll need 2 balloons: one smaller or less inflated for the head and a larger one for the body.  Make up wallpaper paste and paste strips of newspaper onto the balloons.  It works best if you work the layers up over several days.  Allow the balloons to dry thoroughly, then pop the balloons with a pin, cut out an opening and place your sweets inside.  Cover up the opening with more paste and paper.  Then paint them white and joint together in a snowman shape.  You just need to decorate them with a face and buttons.  A hat and a scarf are a nice touch too.

For refreshments, I think hearty and warm should be the watchwords.  So how about baked potatoes: you can put them in the oven when you go out in the snow and they’ll be done when you get back.  Get everything ready to go as you’ll want to feed them quickly as they’ll be hungry after all that exercise.  I’d grate cheese in advance and cover it.  You could put the beans in a saucepan ready to be heated through.  Have bowls/plates/cutlery laid out and ready to go. While you’re using the oven you could do a baked apple dessert.  Core an eating apple and score a line around it’s middle to stop it popping.  Fill the centre with a sugar and dried fruit mix and put it in the oven on the shelf below the potatoes.  It should be ready about the same time.


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