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Cleaning Out Your Wardrobe – Recycle Your Clothes

December 19, 2012 by  
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As the year comes to an end many people find it a good time to take stock and evaluate the contents of their wardrobe, often throwing out (without thinking) re-usable items of clothing that perhaps no longer fit or are no longer deemed fashionable. Before you do go and throw out your old clothes though take a minute to think about how they could be recycled or re-used, clothes that are generally in good condition can be re-used by charity shops (for resale) or for donation to aid causes in third world countries.

You can find out the location of your nearest charity shop by simply using the Recycle Now postcode checker, usually though there will be one located on your local high street which accepts donations providing the clothes are both washed and dry. If the clothes are in good condition they can be re-sold in the charity shop or donated to specific aid organisations, however if not the clothes can be recycled and used as blankets and industrial coverings in transportation. With clothes that need recycling textile banks can be used to deposit worn out clothes that can be re-used for other purposes.

Recent statistics (courtesy of L.A. Times) show that an average American discards around 24.5 kilos of clothes into the bin every year, this is an extortionate amount of un-recycled clothes that could be used as aid in third world countries or reproduced into other garments.

Before you think about throwing that old coat or pair of jeans into the bin, perhaps consider ways in which these could be re-used:

1)      Sell Them Online: Popular auction sites and trade websites are a great place to advertise second hand clothes, people will always look to seek out a bargain and you get to generate a healthy sum of money, providing the clothes are in good condition

2)      Charity Shops: Charity shops love to receive clothes donations again providing they are in good condition, washed and dried before donation.

3)      Clothes Banks: Clothes banks are located all over the country and are where people can freely deposit clothes for recycling, the material used in your old, worn out clothes can be re-used for many purposes included protecting industrial equipment in transit.

Author Bio

Toms is an avid home improvement enthusiast with a strong passion for developing new environmentally friendly ideas and blogging. Tom writes on behalf of Forsyth Glazing who are specialists in the manufacture of sliding wardrobe doors.

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