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Donkey Milk Skin Care

Have you ever tried Donkey Milk Skin Care? If the answer is no, then you are missing out! TGF are introducing an exciting and new range of skincare which uses Certified Organic products, perfume from essential oils and most importantly 100 per cent pure Donkey Milk.

Can you remember your school days when you read about Cleopatra and her love of bathing in the milk of Donkeys? There was a very good reason for that as it was the magical way to care for your skin all those years ago. As Donkey milk is very fluid, it penetrates the skin without a trace and with its high levels of proteins, phospholipids and ceramides it is a wonderful regenerative and effective anti-wrinkle treatment.

The benefits of using products which contain Donkey Milk are clear thus TGF have selected three of their favourite products available now from Donkey Milk Skin Care:

  1. Silky Smooth Body Lotion - This is a truly gorgeous body lotion. Making your skin so silky soft and enveloping you in its perfume of Lavender or Sandalwood. Also it is great value at just £29.75.
  2.   Fragrant Soaps - This soap is Certified Organic, and along with the donkey milk and the essential oils it is a very pleasurable experience to use. It leaves your skin feeling wonderful and very clean! Pack of two soaps (Lavender and Citrus) costs £14.30.
  3. Hand cream with Cocoa Butter (Small) – This is a hand cream that nourishes, pampers and restores your tired hands after they have been working hard! You can feel the effect almost immediately and if used on a regular basis your hands will be beautiful! This product costs only £9.25.

For more information on Donkey Milk Skin Care click here and enjoy!

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