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Draught Excluders – Keeping out the Cold

November 21, 2011 by  
Filed under Decor & Interiors, Green Living, Home & Garden

The combination of having recently moved house to an older Edwardian property and the onset of chillier weather has made me want to wage war on draughts.  There’s a range of products available from the effective to the decorative.

I love the look of these retro Snake Draught Excluders.  They’re made from vintage fabric and are about 90cm long.  Their buckwheat husk filling has been chosen as it’s heavier and more flexible, so creating a better seal between the door and the snake.  You can choose from a range of fabric designs and they’re priced at £19.99.

A purely functional and cheaper option is the Insulating Door Draught Excluder.  It slides onto the bottom of your door and moves with it, so you’ll not need to move it out of the way when you open the door.  It’s suitable for both carpeted and smooth floor surfaces and comes in black or white.  It’s priced at £7.99.

Another decorative option is the Red Spotty Dog Draught Excluder from New Internationalist.  It’s a very cute spotty sausage  dog design and he’s made in India to fair trade standards.  He measures 80cm long and he’s stuffed with polyfibre, plastic and sand.  He’s priced at a very reasonable £12.

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