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Eco Friendly Doormats

This time of year can see a lot of dirt being carried into your home on people’s shoes and boots and on pets’ paws too.  If you’re sick of constant sweeping and mopping, you might want to have a look at investing in a more effective door mat to keep your floors looking clean for longer.

The Waterhog Eco Elite Mat is a tough, practical beast of a mat.  Made from recycled materials, the mat is hard wearing and good at stopping dirt at the door. They’re available in a range of colours and are priced at £52.92.

For a cosier looking mat that’s still good at removing dirt, try the Hug Rug Eco Door Mat. The Hug Rug barrier mat is made from 100% recycled material: the face fabric is made from 95% cotton recycled clothing combined with dirt trapping micro-fibres; the base fabric is manufactured from recycled drink bottles and bottle tops; and the reverse from recycled rubber from dis-guarded tyres.  It’s normally priced at £39.99, but it’s currently available for £31.99.

Would you like a door mat you could wash in the washing machine?  You can do this with the Quick-Sorb doormat.  Quick-Sorb door mats are made with a flexi-backing made from 80% Recycled Car Tyres & 20% Natural Latex to stop slipping on hard floors.  They can be washed in the machine at 30° and apparently their performance improves with washing.  Prices start at £18.99.

If like me you have a matwell in your porch, then you’ll want a mat that can be cut to fit.  These Coir Doormats can be made to measure to fit the space you need them to fill.


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