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Eco-friendly method Launches Facebook App

Eco-friendly and non-toxic manufacturer of cleaning products method has launched a new ‘clean happy club Facebook app’ which allows fans to play games and earn points to gain discounts on products.

Following on from the global launch of method’s ‘clean happy’ campaign, they have teamed up with Social Media marketing specialists Independents United to create the clean happy club: a Facebook app that allows you to play fun challenges with your friends to earn points, climb the leader board and win method rewards.

The new App is a key component of method’s ‘clean happy’ mission to ‘inspire a happy healthy home’ by making cleaning a little more enjoyable through effective, non-toxic products, married with sleek design and vivid fragrance.

There are 4 challenges to play in total; each challenge is designed to allow you to engage with cleaning products in a new and fun way through sharing method clean happy videos, inviting friends to join the club and taking a pledge to be a green giant. Tell all your friends about method, and they will reward you with points, discounts and method goodies!

There is the opportunity to earn points to become a method VCP (very clean person) and to become one of 10 method monthly VCPs with the chance to win exclusive method prizes: including method products, limited editions, and a Skype chat with the founders of method, Adam and Eric, the ‘people against dirty’ with a sustainability philosophy that is focused around using innovation to create positive change through their mission to inspire a happy, healthy home revolution. They make cleaning products for people who want a better way to clean, so enjoy cleaning with method and you will find out that cleaning doesn’t have to be such a chore – it can actually make you feel good and at the same time be safe for you, your family and the planet.

Visit to join in the fun.

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