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Eco Garden Decking

August 20, 2012 by  
Filed under Allotments & Gardens, Home & Garden

Decking is an easy and attractive way to provide an area to sit out on and display your pot plants.  Of course, it’s possible to get FSC approved products, but wood decking is slippy when it gets wet.  Making decking from recycled plastic seems an ideal way to use up some of our waste plastic mountain.  The material is made up of 100% high quality, recycled plastic residue, which is sourced mainly from the nutrition and packaging industry.

Recycled plastic is good material for decking and balcony floors. A decked area or balcony floor made from recycled plastic looks natural, is maintenance-free and is non-slip even when wet – if you have ever had your feet disappear from under you on a wet, wooden deck, you’ll know how useful a non-slip surface can be.  The planks come textured to look like wooden boards and measure 30 x 150 x 3650mm.  There is also a range of recycled plastic support beams available.  You can also add walkways, bridges and other structures, made from the same material, to your hard landscaping scheme.  It’s available in 2 colours: brown and black.




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