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Ethical Scarves for Ladies

September 25, 2012 by  
Filed under Clothing, Grown Ups

As autumn really gets going, you might be feeling the need to cover up a bit more and as winter approaches it will be ever more necessary.  Wrapping up warm doesn’t need to be dull and there are some very attractive and well designed scarves out there to cheer you up as the weather gets colder.

Mimosa Style have a jersey scarf with a  very feminine, spotty, pink design. It looks very soft and cosy with a plain brown jersey reverse and brown jersey ruffle. It’s priced at £20.

Be Ecocentric have a delicate, light grey flor scarf.  Naturally shiny, silky and soft, the cashlama is also very warm. The fibres are sorted by hand according to their thickness and their color shades, then they are washed and combed. The scarf is made in Bolivia, in accordance with fair trade principles.

This fair trade knitted wool scarf has a striking zig-zag pattern. The two tone effect is available in a range of different colours so you can pick one out to complement your coat.  At the end of the scarf are matching tassles. They are produced by a fair trade group in Nepal and knitted by hand.  The price is £18.

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