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Feed your child safely with Green Kid Stainless

September 9, 2012 by  
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As conscientious parents, we all strive to do what is best for our children. This includes what we feed them, how we feed them, and what we feed them with. But what can we do when there are hidden dangers in our babies’ bottles?

The dangers of plastic bottles have been well documented. Many contain toxins (BPA and phthalates being the most widely known about) which have been linked to a number of illnesses through studies. These toxic elements are added to plastic to make it the flexible, durable material that it is. But when the plastic is used, the toxins “leach” from it, to the user – most often the users are babies, who have absolutely no idea of the dangers they are being exposed to. But we, their parents, do know. And we can do something about it.

Green Kid Stainless offer a totally safe alternative to plastic bottles, they supply 100% stainless steel bottles which are suitable from birth, to toddler, to child, even to adulthood! Stainless steel is a non-leaching, resilient yet lightweight material, that is used to make a product which gives you complete peace of mind when feeding your child. Included with each bottle is the cap, a slow flow teat, and a toddler conversion teat. As your baby grows, you just change the teat. The teats and caps are made out of silicone, which is also non-leaching, BPA-free and completely safe. The bottles have wide necks, for colic reduction, and the volume marker is easily visible on the inside.

Green Kid Stainless blue bottleAnd guess what? They look FAB too! The designs are current and stylish, your child will be the envy of others! The whole range is sleek, bright and trendy, but my particular favourite is the blue (having not long had my son, after only having a daughter, the novelty of blue hasn’t worn off yet…)

So the question isn’t “Why buy from Green Kid Stainless?” It’s “Why not buy?” Nothing is more important than the health of my children. I’m sold, mine’s ordered.

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