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Fitting Radiator Reflectors

November 19, 2012 by  
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As the weather gets colder I’m looking at ways to better insulate my home.  Insulation has two main benefits:  it makes your home feel warmer and you can save energy too. If you’ve got an older house like mine, there’s a good chance that you can’t insulate your walls with cavity wall insulation, so a lot of heat could be escaping through your walls.  If you have radiators on exterior walls, then you’ll be losing quite a lot of the heat through the walls.  There are a few options for dealing with this, but one of the easiest solutions is to fit radiator reflectors.  You don’t need to be a competent DIYer to do this and it should be something anyone can do.

These Radflek Radiator Reflector Panels are designed to be easy to fit.  They should be invisible when fitted and can easily be removed for decorating.  The only care they need is occasional dusting.  They’re available from Claire’s Eco Store for £23.95 for a pack of 10 radiator panels.  Each pack contains 5 sheets of Radflek (measuring 600mm x 1200mm each) and 20 fixing clips.  The sheets hang from the radiators wall brackets.

Another other option is the Heatkeeper Radiator Panel. Each pack includes a supply of specialist tape to firmly stick the panels to your wall and fitting instructions. The panels themselves can be cut to suit a range of standard radiator sizes and are pre-marked to make installation easier.  A 5 panel pack will treat 2 to 3 radiators and is priced at £14.75.


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