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Garden Accessories from Swings and Other Pretty Things

wasp catcherIt’s the time of year for sitting out in the garden on long summer evenings, perhaps with a glass of wine or two.  If you are relaxing outside ,then the last thing you’ll want is to be pestered by wasps and flies.  This wasp catcher from Swings and Other Pretty Things may be the answer.  There’s a hole in the base for wasps to enter and a cork stopper at the top to prevent them escaping. You put sugar water, jam or honey inside to entice the wasps to come in.  Attractive to look at this ceramic wasp catcher is a  way of getting rid of wasps, flies and bugs without the use of nasty, chemical sprays.  As the walls are opaque, you can’t see the wasps once they are inside.  Using the wire hanger, you can easily hang it up in a tree or on a hook.  It’s priced at £6.

Garden accessories can add a finishing touch to your little piece of green.  I love the shape of these white miners lanterns. They are based on the 19th Century colliery lamps, but use tea lights rather than oil to light them. They’d look fabulous hung outside, but could also be used to great effect indoors in a window or porch.  They’re £10.95 each.

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