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Gift Cakes: Five Christmas Design Ideas

November 9, 2012 by  
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christmas cakeDisney had been working on the idea of creating interactive images on cakes for several years and was recently awarded a patent for the brand new technology. Yes, placing a media file on top of a cake may be a little out there but taking Christmas cake designs a bit further is a great idea.

Why not prepare personalised gift cakes for friends and family for Christmas 2012? Here are a few unusual design ideas to use.

1. Penguins. Think about white snow on Christmas and opt for white icing featuring two lovely Christmas penguins holding a gift box. You can customise the design with a personal message or leave the cake as it is.

2. Christmas Angel. Traditional cakes featuring a Christmas Angel make great gifts for everybody from friends to colleagues to family members. Incorporate your heartiest greetings into the cake design to make the gift one-of-a-kind.

3. Photo upload cakes. A cake featuring your family picture is perfect for this family holiday. The picture you choose is placed on the icing featuring Christmas wreath design. Add a “Merry Christmas” card and select either a 4-5 or 8-16 portion cake depending on the number of family members.

4. Christmas friends. A cake featuring two bears holding hands is a perfect gift for your significant other or best friend. Even if you don’t have a personal message prepared, the design will speak volumes.

5. Christmas bow. This elegant cake personalised with a greeting is perfect for any recipient. The cake features a beautiful red Christmas bow and several dozens of snowflakes in different colours and sizes. Sending this cake is a wonderful way to say “Merry Christmas”.

There are a lot more unusual Christmas cake ideas you can choose from including reindeer, Santa, jingle bells, Christmas tree, robins, teddies, snowmen, decorations, Christmas night, etc.

The cake recipe is also a matter of taste: as long as you order a 4-5 portion cake  you can select from fruit, carrot, double chocolate, plain madeira as well as gluten and wheat free cakes. Any personalised cake comes with a gift card, party horn and Christmas cracker.

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