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Going Green Today – Your Online Personal Green Coach

March 2, 2012 by  
Filed under Green Living, Things To Do

Going Green Today is an online website with a mission. Their ultimate undertaking is to help one-third of US citizens to reduce their footprint by a third, reducing US levels of emissions to those targeted by the Kyoto Protocols, but without the help of governments.

Bringing simple green ideas to people who can make themselves heard throughout the Globe through a collective grassroots effort, Going Green Today is the ultimate tool if you want to know how to go green easily.

Through their green coaching programme, Going Green Today can formulate a personalised 90 day action plan. Sign up today and complete their lifestyle survey. Every day for 90 days you will receive one short action to do, most of which can be done in 20 minutes. You will be told what to do, how and why to do it, and how much you are saving. Every action is tailored to your unique lifestyle and you will learn what is toxic in your home, food and local environments.

Support is given daily and you can track exactly how much money and carbon you are saving. You could save the equivalent of $2000 per year on your living costs!

The Going Green Today programme is a great idea for both adults and kids. Parents can get their children involved and learn together about how to live a greener lifestyle. The Going Green Today blog is a great place to share hints and tips, but also a place to find out about facts surrounding green issues, with informative articles that explain things in an easy to understand way.

What about green products? Do you know what is out there and which are the best ones to buy and use to support a green lifestyle? Sign up now for Going Green Today and find out. It’s free, and it’s worth it!

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