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Green Sustainable Wooden 3-in-1 Toy

Finding great toys for toddlers that are built to last is quite a task, especially if part of the brief is to make sure that they are made  in a green and eco friendly way. So how fantastic was it to come across the 3-in-1 Wishbone Flip. Not only did this rock and roll toy live up to the first remit in that it is built to last from sustainably grown wood, but this is a toy that will adapt as your tot gets older.

There is something uniquely satisfying about wood, and this translates to knowing that our children are playing with a product that fits in with our green ethos and that is produced from environmentally friendly materials. Of course there is also the hope that by only buying toys produced from green materials you are passing on a legacy that will see them making healthy, environmentally friendly decisions in the future. Teach your children about environmental issues when they are young to reap benefits in the future!

The Wishbone Flip was road-tested for TGF (not literally) by 1 year old William. The first thing to note was how easy the toy was to assemble, something that in the past has filled many a parent with dread! Secondly the Flip is very compact, easy to store and from an aesthetic point of view is really attractive to look at, fitting in beautifully in any modern home. William loved rocking away and it kept him amused for ages. The really innovative feature is the flipping mechanism that transforms the Wishbone Flip from rocking to rolling in seconds, no tools needed, just press and turn the latch. William found the inner compartment a great place to put big teddy in to accompany him on his ride! As William grows the wheels on the Wishbone Flip will come into their own, and the ride-on mode will definitely become the most popular form of transport. There is no doubt that the Wishbone Flip is a sturdy, safe and versatile toy that will grow with your toddler and become a family favourite.

Although the NEW 3-in1 Wishbone Flip is a considered purchase, it is without doubt a worthwhile one and something that will become an heirloom for future generations.  For more information go to VUP baby here.

“Wishbone products are distributed in the UK by parenting specialists Cheeky Rascals”.

TGF Rating: 5/5


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