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Guest Post: 7 Tips in Cleaning Your Car the Green Way

January 12, 2012 by  
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Besides the chores we do inside our own homes, we also have our responsibility to our belongings outside: our cars. In a week, we have to clean our vehicles almost everyday (because who would want to see a “Please Clean Me” dust writings on your windshield?) Yes, we make our means of transportation clean, but it is unfortunate to know that as we make one or two cars clean, we make the rest of the world a more hazardous place?

Dirt Buster

We do not want our vehicles to add more to the pollution right? They already emit smoke when the engine is off. Do they still need to be a liability to earth when it is turned off? We, the human owners, can be an aid to avoiding that.

This article will give you 7 green, helpful tips in cleaning your car, and also the environment:

1. Use Computerized Water Systems and pressurized nozzles
We may think that just because there is plenty of water in the sea, we can simply use them without thinking of the entailing danger. People waste hundreds of gallons of water while cleaning their cars. Have a water-saving hose nozzle so the water can only be used when needed. If you are cleaning hard-to-reach areas that are not so filthy, have a spray-on in hand instead of a big ‘ol hose. Water is precious, and after cleaning our cars, it’s already contaminated. We don’t want those coming back to the open seas.

2. Use Waterless Carwash Products
In some cases, our cars still look pretty sleek, but just needs a little cleaning because of stubborn dirt. Hello, hello! There is now a greener way to wipe off that dirt; whether outside or inside your car. You can purchase some water-less formulas that can be applied through a spray bottle and spray away that filth!

3. Do not leave the hose open while cleaning your car
We can apply this to a lesson we hear since we were young, but we hear it in the bathroom. Do not leave the faucet running while you are brushing your teeth. Now that we are older, the faucet rule still applies, but we have to do it for our cars too. Leaving the faucet or hose open for the water to flow is a traumatic sight for Mother Earth. It is a complete waste of water.

4. Rinse car on your lawn
Instead of having your car washed on concrete, and letting the contaminated water go into the drainage, down the sewer and back to the seas, wash your car on your lawn. The grass, of course, will absorb the water, and you are able to water your grass as well! Another chore done! Hitting two birds with one stone!

5. Do not clean your car on a rainy seasonCar on Lawn This is not only to help out the environment, but help you out too. You save time on cleaning the car, because more or less, it will rain again tomorrow. And rain water makes the car dirty, especially when you are driving around, with mud sticking under your car. Save your energy in time and just let the rainy season pass before getting back to yourcar wash routine. You also save in soap and water!

6. Install an oil and water separator in your garage
This equipment can give a huge amount of relief to our open seas. It segregates the oil from the water while we rinse off the car, so the oil do not have to go to down the drain and back to the ocean. It may be a little bit pricey, but we might pay a bigger price if we do not save the environment now.

7. Use organic cleaners
Some ingredients we find in our kitchen can be brought outside and clean out our cars too! These organic cleaners save us from using a lot of water and chemicals in removing dirt in our vehicles.

Baking Soda – This can be used as easy as it is, for removing salt and grime. You can just wipe through it. And voila!

Vinegar – True enough, the smell does not lie. It is as powerful as its sour smell. Decals in the car can be removed just by soaking it for 15mins before scraping the decals off. Repeat it until it’s squeaky clean. For carpet stains, mix the vinegar with 2/3 cup of water and blot it on the stain. Again, leave for 15mins before drying it with a dry cloth.

Linseed Oil – Your vinyl and leather seats can be rescued with the use of boiled linseed oil mixed with one cup of vinegar (cool down the linseed oil before mixing them). Use a soft, lint-free cloth in applying it to the leather or other parts of the car you want to be shiny. Free car polish!

We may feel very responsible because we get to clean our cars. But also be aware that while you are making your vehicles, spotless, do the same for our dear Mother Earth. She has been suffering a lot lately, don’t you think? Let us not add up to that.

Author Bio:

Barbie Lee is an open-minded woman with boundless interests. She is a lover of animals, a fan of great music, and an enthusiast when it comes to fast, furious and feisty automobiles. When she isn’t cheering for her favorite basketball team (Go Mavs!), she’s busy writing for the blog site, Automotive Part Suppliers.

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