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Guest Post: Angelina Jolie Launches Own Jewellery Collection

July 21, 2012 by  
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Perhaps, just as famous as her glamorous acting career and relationship with heartthrob, Brad Pitt, is Angelina’s charity work. 

Spanning the past decade, she has been presented a number of awards for her philanthropic contributions. These include:

 2002 – Church World Service Immigration and Refugee Program Humanitarian Award.

2003 – Citizen of the World Award

2005 – Global Humanitarian Action Award

2007 – The Freedom Award

Mother of six, her oldest son, Maddox, was adopted from Cambodia at a young age. Angelina kept a house in this country, and lived there part-time, so Maddox didn’t lose ties with his cultural heritage. Their house became the base for the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation, which works to protect the natural environment, end poverty, and improve health care in Cambodia.

In other acts of generosity, Brad and Jolie teamed up to raise awareness for Yele, during the aftermath of the Haiti atrocities; and whilst overseas, revealed that Jolie was expecting a child.

Clamoring for news coverage, People Magazine forked out over a tidy $500,000 donation to Yele, in exchange for pictures of Jolie, visibly pregnant. A smart celeb move from the do-good couple.

Now, to further summon funds for the underprivileged poor living in developing countries, Angelina has announced a new line of jewellery; all proceeds of which go to Education Partnership for Children in Conflict to aid the development of schools in Afghanistan.

It’s called Style of Jolie, and features pieces that reflect Angelina’s distinct, 1970’s taste in costume jewellery.  Many of the items include heavy, precious gemstones and rare metals. One thing is certain: they’re going to be pricey.

The Jolie Jewels

Angelina and jewellery seem nigh-on inseparable at the moment, after her engagement to Brad Pitt, back in April revealed a diamond ring that took an entire year to craft.

The very same Robert Procop, who worked closely with Brad and brought this $250,000 jewel’s design to fruition, is now working on the production line, Style of Jolie.

A selection of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, worn by the star herself at several move premiers are also up for grabs. They will be sold at the Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat and Monaco’s Hotel de Paris from July 15 to August 15.

Reputedly included in this sale are Angelina’s teardrop emerald earrings, modeled beautifully against a strapless, black dress at the 81st Academy Awards in 2009.

Angelina has recently celebrated her 37th birthday, and after a quiet year on the movie front (so she could focus on raising her children), she is looking forward to the production of her next star role in the film, Maleficent.

Set to hit our screens in 2014, Angelina will be exploring the untold story of Aurora’s nemesis, in Disney’s dramatic reworking of Sleeping Beauty. But in the jewellery department, this sparkling actress is far from acting the big baddie, in her bid to raise funds for those in unfortunate circumstances.

This article is written on behalf of Pearl and Butler.

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