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Guest Post: Cars v Motorscyles: Which are More Eco-Friendly?

carWhen it comes to going green, most people will be inclined to automatically assume that motorcycles are more eco-friendly than cars.  All things being equal, this is probably true.  They are smaller and lighter than cars so they can travel farther on less fuel.  This means fewer greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately, an environmentally sound mode of transportation.  But these days, all things aren’t equal when it comes to the machines that get you from point A to point B.  In fact, there have been so many technological advances when it comes to making machinery that is better for the environment that cars may now be greener than their two-wheeled alternatives.

Consider hybrids, for example.  The new breed of plug-in hybrid can allow you to go about forty miles on a charge, after which you will switch to gas power.  Of course, you’ll still enjoy the benefits of older hybrids when stopping power is returned to the electric engine component, providing you with more gas-free locomotion.  So you may be able to use the same amount of gas required by a motorcycle (or even less) while driving your car.  When you factor in the fact that many businesses and shopping centers are now including charging stations in their parking lots as a way for you to charge up while you’re otherwise engaged, you can get even more gas-free mileage out of every trip.

motorcycleOn the other hand, fully electric vehicles don’t require any gasoline at all.  While some might argue that the batteries required to run this type of car could prove an environmental hazard, the truth is that they are mostly recyclable (contrary to popular belief).  Even the electricity needed to power these vehicles does far less harm to the environment than the hydrocarbons released into the atmosphere via exhaust gases.  And since these cars are becoming more affordable, there’s even more incentive to buy one. You just plug them in to charge overnight and then go about your daily business, knowing that you have zero emissions on your side.

Of course, you can even find electric motorcycles on the market now.  These zero-emission bikes are made for the street, the track, or off-roading and they come with all the power and range you expect, but none of the toxic exhaust from gas-powered bikes.  If you’re looking for more mileage from a charge, you’ll likely get it from a motorcycle, which can go nearly 20 miles further on a charge than the average electric car.  But a bike simply can’t offer the many benefits that you can get from a car, such as safety, storage, and seating.

While you may be keen to don your leather chaps, and your collection of custom motorcycle helmets will go to waste if you opt for a car, you might find that there are simply more advantages to choosing an eco-friendly automobile over a motorcycle.  Of course, your best bet may be to have one of each, especially since you can now have a garage full of automotive options that all use less (or no) gasoline.

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