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Guest Post: Choosing a Wall Colour – Things to Consider

July 19, 2012 by  
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Choosing colours for interior and exterior home décor sounds like a simple matter until the time comes to put theory into practice. Then, suddenly, it’s not so easy. That lovely lemon yellow looks cold when it’s on the wall and what seemed like a warm peach has suddenly turned to dingy orange when it’s in place. What went wrong? Clearly there’s more to choosing wall colours than simply picking a colour you like the look of and hoping for the best.

Consider Other Colours

No colour in a room exists on its own. It has to work with existing furnishings, with curtains or drapes and with the carpets or hard flooring in the room. Take particular notice of the floor colour. Aside from the walls, the floor is the largest expanse of colour in a room. Hold match pots of paint colour close to the floor to make sure there’s no colour clash.

Similarly, choose wall colours to match existing accent items, such as paintings, ornaments and decorations that you intend to keep in the room. Making colours match gives the unified look that designers use to create striking show rooms.

If you’re extending the painting of a house to the exterior walls, different moods can be created with colour. Achieve a welcoming look with soft shades that provide a pleasing foil for house signs such as numbers or name plates. Consider what type of plants will grow next to the house, the colour of any blooms and how dark the foliage will be. Dark leaves look luscious against pale walls, so paint the exterior of the house accordingly.

Consider the Effect You’d Like

Some colours seem to push walls back, giving small rooms a larger feel and low ceilings the illusion of height. Creating these effects with colour is relatively simple when you remember a few basic rules.

Light colours make walls recede. In long narrow rooms, you can create a more square-feeling space by painting the long walls in a slightly lighter shade than the short end walls. The effect will be to pull the end walls in, making the long side walls appear further apart. There’s no need to use completely different colours, as simply using a slightly darker shade of the same colour on the short walls will have the same effect.

Think about how much light the room gets during the day and choose colours accordingly. Light, bright rooms can take darker shades than rooms with little natural light. Avoid blues in dark or shady rooms since blue is generally a cold colour. While it might seem sensible to paint small spaces in white, this can also create a feeling of coldness. If the room gets little natural light, or faces north and feels quite cold, choosing a soft ivory shade will make the room feel more welcoming than if you chose stark, bright white.

If it’s really hard to choose colours for the walls of a home, take inspiration from magazines or paint manufacturer colour leaflets. Experiment with small sample pots, painting the same colour on different walls in the room to see how it looks in different light levels. Take time to choose wisely and picking out wall colours will no longer be such a tricky task.

This post was written by Zoe on behalf of House Name Plates.

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One Response to “Guest Post: Choosing a Wall Colour – Things to Consider”
  1. Mix and match is really important in choosing a paint color in a room. The color should match to the floor, ceiling, curtains and even on the bed sheet. Also the tricks of applying the paint plays a big role in the appearance of the room. Just remember that our rooms are our comfort place in our house and signifies on who we are based on our chosen colors so we must take extra care and pays attention to painting and designing our very own room.

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