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Guest Post: Enjoy the world around you while saving it too with green travel

woman on trainWe all want to make an effort to get greener, but many people are unwilling to sacrifice their precious holidays in order to save the environment. However, with the advent of green travel, people are no longer forced to make the difficult decision between saving the world around them and enjoying it.

When it comes to eco-friendly travel, thinking about the actual transportation you are using has got to be the first port of call. If it is at all possible, swapping planes for trains will do wonders for your carbon footprint, and with the Eurostar up and running, there is no reason you cannot get to most places in Europe by rail. Some travellers may be deterred from using trains by time constraints, but why not think about the journey as part of the trip?

Plane passengers see nothing on their journey other than the inside of an airport and a plane, as well as plenty of duty free shops. However, on a European train journey, people can watch the diverse scenery rushing by, observe how it changes, walk around and stretch their legs in the cabin, interact with other passengers and spend some time in a variety of cities. All in all, train travel is not just more environmentally friendly, it is more daring, and getting around this way, you are sure to have some adventures to write home about.

As with all holidays travel insurance is essential, and you can still keep this green too!  If you have an email address you can use a travel insurance provider that only emails your policy documents to you, cutting down on the costs of postage as well as all the paper involved.

Upon arrival at your destination, is your first step usually a trip to the car rental shop to pick up a motor? You’re on holiday, so why not take a break from behind the wheel and rent a bicycle instead – a thoroughly much more enjoyable, and healthy way to travel. You never know, you might like it so much that you decide to invest in a cycle back at home too.

If you’re staying in a hotel, there are plenty of ways you can contribute to saving the environment here too, from turning down the heating and air conditioning, switching appliances off standby and using towels and sheets for more than one day in order to reduce laundry. Other ideas are to use your own toiletries instead of the expensive miniature ones provided by your accommodation, and minimise waste by using recyclable bags, as well as recyclable batteries for cameras and gadgets. You can also give the hotel feedback, suggesting ways it could improve its green credentials.

As people who are dedicated to green travel will tell you, there are also plenty of eco-friendly hotels and lodges around the world. These accommodations typically pay a high level of attention to recycling programs, energy expended on laundry, contributing to local communities and other methods of energy efficiency.


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