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Guest Post: Five Shopping Tips for Green Bargainistas

October 21, 2012 by  
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If you are someone who “sees green” when you’re shopping (we’re referring to being eco-friendly when we say that), then automatically, by default, you are already a bargainista. That’s because you’re someone who is sensitive to the use of resources and a bit on the frugal side (totally in a good way) when it comes to how you spend your money.

So, when it comes to shopping tips for a green bargainista like yourself, we had to make sure that we tried our best to avoid “stating the obvious”. Hopefully, these tips will merely enhance a lot of what you already know:

Shop online (and with promo codes). One of the best ways to keep emissions out of the air is to drive as little as possible, right? Thanks to the internet, you can get the majority of your shopping done right online. Plus, if you go to websites like and, you can get promo codes that will save you a few extra dollars and possibly even the shipping costs. However, if you must get out and about (such as to go grocery shopping, for instance), the next best thing would be to call a girlfriend and carpool.

Buy local. When you make a concerted effort to shop at places like local Farmer’s Markets and flea markets, not only are you supporting people in your own community (a very cool “green” thing to do),but you’re also finding another way to support there being less toxins in the air. This is good because when people have to ship items from other states and countries, that’s a lot of gas that’s being used up.

Look for things that have multi-purposes. A lot of “green shoppers” automatically tend to gravitate towards discounts; however, as you’re looking for deals on eBay, Overstock or Amazon, how about looking for things that serve more than one purpose? If you need a storage item, get an ottoman so that it can “double up” as a chair. If you are looking for some bedding, how about one that is reversible? If you want some new clothes, think about getting a basic black dress or a neutral suit that you can dress up or down based on the accessories that you add to it. Purchasing things that can be used in a myriad of ways is definitely the sign of a wise eco-friendly shopper.

Trade items. One definition of shop is “to seek a bargain” and can you get a better deal than paying nothing for something that you want? Before you and your girlfriends decide to throw out your old clothes and shoes, make a date to hang out and go through some of each other’s things together. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure and there’s no telling what gems you’ll find in someone else’s closet.

Be patient. There’s nothing like seeing something that you really want and noticing that the price is a bit out of your budget. Another sign of a really smart shopper is that they don’t consider it a “good buy” unless it’s a “great deal”. Almost everything that’s for sale eventually goes on sale, so save the resource known as your money until you can buy it, whatever “it” may be, for less. You’ll be glad that you did.

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