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Guest Post: Four Simple Fixes for a More Energy Efficient Home

September 29, 2012 by  
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energy billMaking your home greener need not be expensive. You don’t have to invest in expensive solar energy panels or remodel your homes to make it energy efficient. There are plenty of ways you could make your home a model for energy efficiency. This could be done in a few hours and save you hundreds of dollars on your next energy bills.

Replace Old Thermostats

Keeping your home’s temperature within comfort levels is a task often relegated to our thermostats. These devices are responsible for regulating the home’s temperature and adjust heat accordingly. Modern programmable thermostats make regulating our home’s temperature more seamless. These have internal clocks that cool or warm your home at different hours of the day.

Programmable thermostats also eliminates the possibility of us forgetting to turn the heat off when were rushing to work. It could adjust to set temperature and turn the heating off when comfort levels are reached. Modern thermostats are perfect for saving homeowners dollars on their utility bills without sacrificing comfort. It could be set to heat or cool your house a few minutes before your family arrives home.

Motion-detecting Lights

Forgetting to switch a room’s light off could be a simple mistake but just imagine its costs when you leave them on throughout the year. Little things add up and keeping tabs on these unnecessary expenses could give you a huge break on your next utility bill.

It may seem expensive but prices for these lights have gone down through the years. You could purchase them for around twenty dollars today. Leaving your lights on warms your home a few degrees higher. This could place extra strain for your cooling system, an unnecessary expense that again adds to your utility bills. These are easy to install and could be done in a few hours, perfect for any homeowners of all skill levels.

Check for Leaks

Leaking sink fixtures or faucets are more than just an inconvenience. A dripping faucet could fill a bucket in a day and just imagine how many tanks of water you’re flushing down the drain each year. Take a few minutes to inspect you’re pluming or hire a professional to check your water lines. This might seem to be an expensive option at first but neglecting minor leaks could lead to more expensive fixes in the future. Leaking water could also damage your home’s structure. Leaking pipes from your second floor can ruin your ceiling or walls.

For leaking pipes, homeowners can simply use caulk, tape or weather strips. Replacing leaking faucets on the other hand could be done with simple tools. Water heaters are essential for hot showers, dishwashing and just for anything that needs a ready source of hot water. However, keeping this warm requires a considerable amount of energy. Wrap your water heater with insulated blankets. This keeps the water warm and prevents heat from escaping.

Unplug Electronic Devices

You’ll be surprised how much electricity is being consumed by merely your electronic device plugged even when not being used. Don’t just turn off your television, go the extra mile and unplug it. Having the ability to turn your devices with the simple push of the button is truly convenient but you could also do this after plugging in the device.

Make it a habit to unplug your devices before going to bed for example. There’s no use having your living room’s television plugged when you don’t see yourself going near it during the night. Unplugging all unnecessary electronic devices minimizes fire risks.

Green Homes – Better Energy Savings

Being green is not simply installing renewable energy sources or using recycled materials for building your home. Although it’s highly ideal, this option is simply beyond the financial resources of ordinary homeowners. Making your home energy efficient can go a long way in reducing our dependence on fossil based energy sources.

This guest article was written by Suzanne Edwards, a blogger for Kitchen Cabinet Kings, a distributor of wholesale kitchen and bathroom cabinets online. Kitchen Cabinet Kings offers a free kitchen design service with affordable cabinets that will fit in even the smallest kitchen remodeling budget.

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