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Guest Post: Green living on a budget

December 17, 2012 by  
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green livingPeople might think that living a green lifestyle has to be costly. There’s always talk of solar panels, home windmills and advanced composting techniques. While these can be a big part of eco-friendly living, there are many simple ways to live greenly too.


If you don’t already recycle then you should start! You probably will already be recycling your paper waste but you can go a step further than that. Whenever you have a clear out you should instantly think about what you can recycle.

You should get to know where your local recycling centres are and what they take. You might visit to recycle garden waste, or to get rid of unwanted electronics. Centres like this are also good for recycling clothes, fabric, plastics and glass.


You don’t need some over the top, worm-powered composting system. All you need is a compost bin and some garden clippings. You could have an indoor compost bin where you put any food waste; this can then be transferred to a larger compost bin every time it gets full.

If you don’t really have a garden but want to recycle your compostable waste then check with your council, as a lot now offer compost bins and will collect them with your regular recycling.

Switch energy suppliers

You don’t have to generate your own electricity in order to be green. There are now plenty of companies out there who offer 100% renewable energy plans. These aren’t a huge amount more expensive than standard electricity but if you are really trying to save money then look at part-renewable plans as these could save you a bit per unit.

Fresh flowers

If you buy fresh, local cut flowers or have a nice green plant in your home then you do away with the need for systems such as dehumidifiers. Plants naturally fill the air with oxygen, remove toxins and can improve mood.

This is certainly something to think of when looking for ways to decorate a home office. Yellow flowers on a windowsill can really improve productivity. Bear in mind though that a lot of cut flowers will have been grown abroad.

Try and use plants and flowers that are in season and ask your florist how far they’ve travelled. It might be that they were grown just down the road.

Bring your own bags

Whenever you go shopping then you should always take your own shopping bags with you. Most supermarkets offer green bags that are designed to be reused week after week. Don’t forget these as the regular plastic bags are bad for the environment.

If you are a bit more fashion forward then you might want to look at your favourite fashion brand as most of them will sell canvas tote bags or shoppers. These fold up nice and small so you don’t need to carry a huge bag around with you. When you buy something just unfold the canvas bag and say no to a plastic one.

Author bio

Jess Shanahan is a writer trying to live the most eco-friendly lifestyle possible. She spends her time walking, geocaching and looking for deals such as Primus Saver Promocodes. She enjoys writing, reading and undertaking complicated fashion upcycling projects.

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