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Guest Post – Health Apps: Motivating People to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

August 8, 2012 by  
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Smartphones have indeed made our lives smarter and much better. We have access to almost everything at the swipe of our fingers. Be it accessing your mails or other important information on the net, listening to music or watching videos, capturing clear images, checking out new styles and trends, locating routes, etc., the smart phone does it all. Having said that, it also makes clear that because you can do anything on your phone by comfortably sitting at a place, you will soon end up being a lazy person and develop physical problems with the passage of time. Hence it becomes very essential for you to hit the gym or exercise regularly to keep yourself fit. Smartphone will make even this job easy for you. With the health apps on your phone, you won’t have to go hunting for a trainer or partners for workout.

The most popular health apps are as listed below:

  • I Pump Total Body:  An app for workout freaks, this is a refreshing option to level your rigorous training schedule if you find the regular workout tutorial books and DVDs monotonous and boring.
  • Go Pedometer: A basic workout app, this will help in monitoring the distance you walk, the time that was consumed in walking, number of steps taken, speed of walking and the amount of calories burnt in a specified time limit.
  • Jog Tracker 1.0.4: This Android app for health will be able to measure the distance you ran and the time taken to cover that distance. If linked with Google Maps, you will be able to track your path; thereby allowing you to explore newer places without having the fear to lose your way.
  • Sporty Pal: This app is a favorite with the cyclists and runners, as it provides a measure of the distance covered, time consumed and several other performance analyses.
  • Buddy Runner: This Android health app keeps a record of the distance you ran and the amount of time you took to cover the distance as well as tracks your running paths, pace of workout and much more.
  • Weight Pad: As the name suggests, this app will keep a record of your weights and will automatically track the progress you will make in the process of shedding those extra pounds off your body.
  • Calorie Counter by Fat Secret: Apart from tracking your calorie intake, this app will enable you to find the nutritional facts of specific foods so that you can keep a check on the diet that you consume.
  • Epocrates: If you wish to identify a pill or the bottles got mixed up, then this app will provide you a solution to your problems. Information on any kind of drug and its dosage is also provided.
  • I Hormones: An embodiment of medicine that prevents ageing, it allows users to have an easy and prompt illustration to nutrients and hormones that are bio-identical in nature. Besides it also provides food charts highlighting facts like the fish having highest mercury content, pesticides in your food items, index charts regarding glycaemia and much more.

Author Bio:

Sachin is a blogger and a full time writer. He has written on various subjects such as health, travel, technology, finance, etc. He has also written brands such as Protect Your Bubble.

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