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Guest Post: Motorcycling and the Environment

November 24, 2011 by  
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earth motorcycleThough motorcycling may not be an activity that you would associate with being ‘green’, there are undoubtedly still many people who rely on their motorbikes as their main form of transport or those who enjoy biking as a past time. So how can motorcyclists play their part in helping the environment while still riding their motorbikes? Here are a few tips which could hugely decrease the carbon footprint of even the most fervent motorcyclists, and the best news is, they shouldn’t affect your riding enjoyment in the slightest.

One of the many ways in which a motorcycle owner can reduce the impact of their riding on the environment is wonderfully simple. In 2009, the BBC reported on a brand new invention which not only has been proven to help reduce carbon emissions by up to 80%, it only takes ten minutes to fit. This marvellous gadget is called a Carbon Reducing Valve and it was created by a UK resident and biking fanatic in order to help combat emissions. The valve is small, easy to attach and manages to reduce carbon emissions on a motorbike by reducing the motorcycles piston down-stroke pressure. This process allows the engine to run freely and as a result, hugely reduces the emissions which a motorbike can create.

Of course, there can be even simpler ways in which a motorcyclists can be better tuned in to green issues and make a difference. A concept which is certainly gathering momentum in times of recession is something called Freecycling. This basic premise allows people to give away items they no longer require to willing recipients. Worryingly, the number of perfectly usable items which make their way into landfill sites is still staggering. Why not have a look around your local Freecycling Group to see if there are any fellow motorbike enthusiasts willing to swap or exchange potentially valuable bike parts for free.

Motorbike owners should also consider what they can do to cut carbon emissions when riding. Carbon emissions are a major concern for the environment, so reducing these should be high on the agenda of any ‘green’ motorcyclist. Motorcycling is already heralded by many experts as being better for the environment as journeys take less time and emissions are cut as a result. While there are plenty of electric bikes and scooters available on the market, in the last few decades, there have also been major advancements in alternative fuel options. Autogas for example is a relatively new fuel which can reduce emissions and scientists have also been experimenting with truly alternative fuel sources like vegetable oil.

Everyone should be more aware of the environmental impact of their lifestyle choices and these tips should help many to realise that there are environmentally sound options to biking. As a conscientious rider, it’s increasingly important to look sideways rather than at the most obvious for fuel and bikes.  By considering ‘greener’ alternatives and altering what you already have and looking to improve your motorcycle, you too can make a difference.

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