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Guest Post: Natural Environment Eco Spots for Your Autumn Holiday

September 2, 2012 by  
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nova scotiaAutumn breaks offer tempting cooler, colourful destinations and exciting opportunities, but not all of these choices are friendly towards mother nature. It is possible to have an unforgettable holiday while still remembering the environment. Those who enjoy the outdoors can find many trips that are Eco friendly and full of adventure.

Kornu Eco Spa – Rhode Island

Experience relaxation along the coast of Rhode Island at the Koru Eco Spa. There are miles of beaches, hiking trails and cliffs to explore in between pampering sessions. Every product used for massages, facials, manicures and more are non-toxic and organic. The whole town prides itself on being environmentally conscious, and this small area is home to over 40 endangered species. The plethora of outdoor entertainment, and the laid back environment will make it easy to enjoy summer.

lake comoBioluminsent Bay – Puerto Rico

The Bioluminsent Bay in Puerto Rico offers a unique look at a natural wonder. Enchanted Island Eco Tours provides gear and takes groups through the bay in kayaks. Visitors will be astounded by the beauty of the area while learning about the climate. The tour will finish at the majestic La Mina waterfall.

Lake Como – Italy

The picturesque landscape Italy provides will delight tourists in the summer months. The Agriturismo Al Marnich is located near Lake Como and provides plenty of opportunities for sight seeing and participating in activities. Guests will dine on items that came directly from the family garden, kayak, golf, take yoga lessons, go on Eco tours, play tennis and more. The Agriturismo Al Marnich has been certified as a sustainable property because of the establishment’s commitment to the local community and environment.You can get great Lake Camo and Natural Walking and Mountain holidays at Inghams click here to compare summer holidays from and see what green environment destinations you can vist.

Nova Scotia – Canada

Nova Scotia offers a cool summer climate that includes being surrounded by the Canadian wilderness. The True Point Lodge is frequently praised for its commitment to being environmentally friendly. There is little pollution in the area, the resort uses water from local rivers and does as much as possible on site. There are abundant harvests from the garden and surrounding areas, and the rustic setting offers whale watching, safaris, star gazing and more.

Chaa Creek Lodge – Belize Rainforest

The Lodge at Chaa Creek is proud of the natural Belize rainforest location they preside in and their commitment to environmental responsibility. All glass, cans and waste are reused or recycled. The lodge grows their own food and offers many opportunities for guests to learn about conservation or the wildlife in the area. Guests can hike, bird watch, view historic medicine trails and more. Everyone at Chaa Creek tries to coexist with nature, and the owners of the lodge have been key in shaping environmental efforts in Belize.

These locations offer extraordinary trips in beautiful environments. A holiday can help one connect more with the Earth while still enjoying the perks of time off and summer weather.

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