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Guest Post: Natural Precious Stones and Their Properties

September 25, 2012 by  
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Natural precious stones have played integral roles in human history. Today, many think of natural precious stones in terms of beauty adornment and accessories. However, natural precious stones have historically been connected to healing. All types of natural stones, diamonds and rubies have healing properties, especially in folklore traditions before the advent of modern medicine. Stones have been connected to healing all types of ailments; stones have been believed to remedy physical ailments, mental conditions, and energetic slumps, e.g. chakra healing.


While many are aware of the birthday gemstone association of amethyst, the gemstone is said to have potent healing properties. The violet quartz stone commonly found in Brazil, Sri Lanka and East Africa is believed to heal the mind, nervous system and control temperament. Amethyst stones have been associated with increasing the creation of hormones, fortifying the body’s organs, especially the organs that cleanse the body, helping create a healthier immune system and spiking metabolism. Mentally, amethyst gemstones have been linked to improving overall memory.


Rubies, ranging from deep red hues to pinky lavender hues, are a classic gemstone. Rubies can be found in the United States and parts of Southeast Asia. On one hand, not all of the associations with rubies are positive. For instance, the fiery red hue of rubies has been linked to hostile feelings like anger. On the other hand, rubies can also have positive associations. Rubies have been linked to positive energy and purity. In the body, rubies are associated with the heart and circulatory system. The gemstone is claimed to help with cleansing the blood and body with its detoxification properties. The ruby stone is also said to assist in maintaining the health of eyes and vision.


While most associate diamonds with eternity and a girl’s best friend, they are much more. Some believe that diamonds are the purest gemstones on the planet. When it comes to the healing properties of diamonds, the 4 C’s to consider when purchasing a diamond – cut, clarity, colour and carat – are irrelevant. In metaphysical terms, all diamonds contain powerful healing properties. Since diamonds are among the toughest and strongest of Mother Nature’s creations, diamonds are often linked to strengthening properties. Energetically, diamonds are often associated with pushing up one’s energy levels. The highly reflective properties of diamonds are supposed to assist in the healing of glaucoma. In order to receive the most benefits from diamonds, diamonds should ideally be worn on the earlobes.


Apart from being one of the most stunning of the gemstones, emeralds are also one of the strongest healing stones. Emerald stones play a significant role in the spiritual world. Emeralds are often associated with ideas of universal love, mercy, wisdom and abundance. In a literal and figurative sense, emeralds are linked to the heart; energetically, emeralds are connected to the heart chakra. The stone is thought to promote spiritual and emotion equilibrium and harmony. In folklore traditions, emeralds were often believed to be a type of aphrodisiac. Conversely, emerald stones have a number of practical healing properties. The stone assists in improving vision and remedying digestive ailments.

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