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Guest Post: Pets Can Be Green Too

November 9, 2011 by  
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dog with bowlThe next time you hold your favorite cat, dog or other pet in your arms, take a closer look at them and see if both they and you are doing everything possible for the environment. There is a good chance the answer is no.

As more and more individuals look to leave less of a carbon footprint on the Earth, more people are seeking ways to go green with their pets.

By doing more to assist the environment, both individuals and their pets extend their lifetimes, while at the same time, making their lives more enjoyable.

Among the ways to be greener with your pets are:

  • Utilize more organic items – Whether it is centered on grooming your pets or the products you buy for your animal, going organic helps the environment.  Use more earth-friendly grooming items that are void of chemicals that can do the planet harm. When taking your pet to a groomer for haircuts, nail trims etc. also make sure they use organic items;
  • Don’t leave waste sitting around – While it may not register with everyone, the simple fact is leaving pet waste on lawns and in other areas proves to be a hazard for the environment. One trick is using biodegradable bags to dispose of waste, along with making sure it is not left lying around for both humans and other pets to come in contact with;
  • Controlling the pet population – We all know there are countless cats, dogs and other animals who go uncared for and unloved. One way to avoid these problems is by making sure you spay or neuter your animals at an early age. Along with using the adoption root instead of buying a new kitty or puppy, keep in mind that spaying and neutering your animals also lessen the risk of several diseases, including some forms of cancer;
  • Watch what your pet eats – It should not come as a surprise that there are countless food products on the market for your pet. Given that is the case, natural pet food choices are better for both your pet and the Earth. Stay away from those meat offerings that include animal by-products;
  • Play with your pet the proper way – When it comes to the toys that your pet plays with, look for items that can be recycled, even toys that are safe and you make at home. Making sure it is nothing your pet can choke on, look for items at home like old socks, pillow cases etc. for your animal to play with, chew on etc.;
  • Exercise with your pets – While you’re not likely to take the cat out for a run, get out and exercise with your dog, something that is good for both of you. If you’re going to go exercise with the dog, walk to the park instead of driving the planet-polluting vehicle;
  • Clean the green way – It is inevitable that your pet is going to have an accident or two from time to time inside your place, so clean it up the correct way. When trying to remove such stains from your rug or other areas, use items with vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda etc. so that you are cleaning up and yet not using toxic chemicals;
  • Buy in bulk – We all know that pets love to eat, so make sure you keep a fresh supply of meals and treats on hand for them. When you buy such items, buy in bulk to lessen the impact on landfills and also to cut down on your trips to the grocery store with the family vehicle.


These are but a few of the ways you and your pet/s can help the environment in making it a cleaner and more enjoyable place to live.

Best of all, your pet will thank you for years to come.

Dave Thomas, who covers among other subjects’ background checks, writes extensively for, an online resource destination for businesses of all sizes to research, find, and compare the products and services they need to run their businesses.

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