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Guest Post: Quick and easy ways to save energy in the office

December 18, 2012 by  
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office lightingWith the current climate nearly everyone is looking to save energy and money where they can. In the office is no exception, every successful business owner would be looking to reduce their overheads as much as they can. Here are some top tips to save energy and money if your office.

Be conservative:

It’s remarkable how quick and simple changes can save you so much energy in your office. By being conservative you can look to save extra money per year.
• Turn lights off – Many offices tend to have their blinds closed and have lights on when there really isn’t any need to. Especially in the summer. Open the blinds and let the natural daylight light up the office.
• Label light switches – In larger offices with lots of light switches it is easy to walk into the office and turn them all on. If they were labelled you could look at what you actually need on and save money on the lights that do not need to be on.
• Energy saving plugs – You may be switching your lights off in the office at night but you could be wasting lots of energy by leaving on other office equipment on standby. Use energy saving plugs on all your office equipment, you can then switch off all your monitors, printers etc. with a remote control.
• Heating – it’s estimated that if you were to turn your thermostat down by just 1 degree it could save 10% on your heating bill.

Purchase an energy monitor:

Energy monitors vary anything from £20 – £100. They are a small electronic device that you attach to your electric power cable. You then have a digital screened device that tells you exactly how much electric, energy you are using in your office. These are great to catch out the high energy culprit equipment.

Switch to LED:

Change your light bulbs to LED light bulbs. By switching to LED light bulbs you can save anything upwards of 75% in energy savings. LED light bulbs can pull as little as 3w per bulb which can be an equivalent to a 50w halogen bulb. The initial cost of LED bulbs may be more expensive than halogen bulbs but there estimated life is 10,000 hours, meaning that you wouldn’t need to replace them for over a decade. There are also other LED lighting products you can switch to like LED tape and LED ceiling panels giving you similar energy savings.

Radiator booster:

A radiator booster is a simple device that can help cut your heating bill by 10%. It is a telescopic tube that attaches to your radiator and a small thermostatic fan draws up the heat trapped behind the radiator and distributes it more evenly around the room. It is quick and simple to apply and can heat up rooms more quickly. They cost around £20.

These are just a few quick, simple and effective ways to save energy and money in the office that anyone could do and see great savings.

Author Bio

This article was written by Joe Watts who worked in the energy saving market for over 10 years and currently works for Instyle LED Lighting based in Leicestershire, UK.

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