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Guest Post: Real Nappies

Given the choice between a pair of paper knickers or ones made from soft, stretchy, cotton, not many of us would choose the paper option. Yet, that’s what many parents opt for when it comes to nappies. Can you imagine going to M&S to buy some underwear and walking out with a bulk pack of paper pants?

Mention reusable nappies to parents and see how many still think the only choice is terry squares and nappy pins. I’m going to shout this bit now: NAPPIES HAVE MOVED ON! Yes, terry squares are still around and long may they continue to be as they are really cheap to buy and will last a lifetime; I know of many a Grandparent using the terry nappies they used on their children as household cloths now. Personally, I can thoroughly recommend cotton nappies as window cloths and they’re great for de-misting cars too, though I would suggest you wait until your child is out of nappies before you start using them around the house.

With resuables, you can unleash your hidden passion for bright prints and bold colours – your children will thank you for it when you show them photographs of themselves as babies when they’re 18, wearing a leopard print waterproof nappy cover. Honest.

So, will it be a pocket nappy, a prefold, or maybe a terry square? How do you choose between one nappy style over another? Simple, you try a few out and then decide. They’re all designed to absorb and contain, whatever your baby’s shape or size, but you’ll more than likely prefer one style over another.

Once you’ve chosen the style, the next thing to think about is the fabric. Is it going to be cotton and if so will it be organic, unbleached or coloured? How about bamboo with its silky soft feel (you’ll need an extra one just to cuddle), or hemp (Can you imagine the looks on your friends faces when you tell them you’ve got a hemp nappy on your baby?). Not forgetting microfibre and fleece too.

If you’ve never seen a ‘proper’ nappy before, then hire or buy a selection to have a look, or get a nappy adviser round to chat about the different options. You’ll soon find yourself being drawn to one or two in particular which will help narrow the choice. You’re going to be seeing a lot of these nappies over the next two – two and half years, so a little research to start off with is worthwhile.

Once you’ve chosen your nappies, go and splash out on a nice pair of fancy nicks, heck go the whole hog and get a matching bra too – think of it as your reward for the hundreds of pounds you’ll be saving by not buying disposable pants or nappies.


Nicola Latimer lives in Cumbria with her husband and children. She runs the real nappy website An avid runner – she maintains that running helps keep her sane – and, when time permits, a keen fell walker in the Lake District. Passionate about the environment and keen to promote real nappies, she founded Cotton Baby 8 years ago.

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    This is an informative article written with flair. If not already converted to real nappies it should encourage others to start exploring this new world of nappies.

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