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Guest Post: Saving the World with Replacement Windows

November 26, 2011 by  
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replacement windowsThe environment is the watch word on everyone’s lips these days. Governmental initiatives are struggling to achieve target figures for carbon emissions and eco friendly building. Every home owner, though, is capable of doing his or her bit with a little attention to the current makeup of the property. A few replacement windows, modern casement windows with gas filled double glazing, for example, can make a lot of difference to the energy use of your home.

The energy your home uses is determined in large part by the amount of power you need to use to keep the place warm. As heating bills go up and the impact of our energy use on the long term health of the planet becomes more frighteningly obvious, the cost of that power is becoming prohibitive. Fortunately glazing technology and heating system technology have developed to a point where you can combine the two to radically diminish the tonnage of KWh you consume every winter.

Replacement windows, for example, like the modern casement windows mentioned above, can help you put a big dent in your power use simply by ensuring that cold does not come in from the outside, through the glass – and that heat can’t get out, from the inside, via the same route.

The glass used in replacement windows is designed to slow down the process of heat transfer, which happens when the air molecules on the outer pane start to cool down the pane itself. The cooling pane then brings down the temperature of the gap between the double glaze; the process continues until air molecules in the room itself are being turned blue by the transfer. Modern casement windows permit a minimal amount of heat transfer at a very slow rate – and if you opt for replacement windows that have been filled with gas (in the space between the double glazing) then you slow down the process even more.

The slower the transfer of heat from the room to the air outside – and the transfer of cold from the air to the room – the less energy you have to use to keep your home warm. That means less money spent on utilities bills and less carbon blasted into the atmosphere.

Combine your replacement windows and modern casement windows with an energy efficient heating system, which uses a lot less energy to get going, and your costs (and impact) will drop still further. The cost of running an energy efficient heating system in a home that has modern glazing can be extremely low thanks to the science behind the heating elements. Radiators, under floor heating pipes and heated skirting boards in modern systems are all capable of retaining their initial heat for a long time, off the back of a very small initial pulse of heating energy.

The outlay involved in replacement windows is hardly anything compared to the outlay involved in paying increasingly huge bills every quarter as rates go through the roof. Modern casement windows could save your walls too.

Author bio: Joanne Yates has many years of experience in writing quality articles on various topics such as wooden furniture, replacement window, bi-folding doors and similar topics. Find these published articles on the web.

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