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Guest Post – Simple Ways to Save the Planet

August 30, 2012 by  
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solar roofMany people are put off trying to be environmentally friendly as they think that it will involve too much extra work and more money, but this isn’t true. Just introducing a few easy changes into your daily routine could make a massive difference to our planet. We have become a disposable nation where if something breaks we simply throw it away. Because so many people now have that mindset, the landfills are getting fuller and fuller and the environment is suffering as a result. Here are 5 simple actions you can take to save the planet.

1. Cut Down On Waste

Think before you throw something into the garbage or the dumpster. Ask yourself whether you could do something else with it to help save the planet. For example, leftover rice, stale bread, oatmeal, bruised fruit and vegetables can all be reused to make many other things. Start off a compost collection and start adding vegetable peelings, egg shells and coffee filters to provide you with top quality compost for your plants.

Replace baths with showers and fit an energy efficient attachment to your faucets and shower heads to reduce the amount of water that your household consumes. Only use your washing machine if you’ve got a full load and avoid the tumble drier at all costs. You can save on electricity by pegging clothes outside on a washing line or airing them indoors.

2. Swap Conventional Bulbs For Energy Efficient Ones

They last for years so you’ll be saving money as well as consuming energy. Remember to unplug the TV, DVD, computers and cellphone chargers when they’re not in use as this can waste an awful amount of power. If you have a large car, swap it for a smaller one so that you will emit less carbon emissions and use less fuel. Perhaps you can start using a bicycle to run short errands rather than taking your car everywhere for convenience.

3. Start recycling at home

Taking plastic bottles, paper and cardboard to a recycling plant is a simple way of adopting eco-friendly habits. Better still, aim to stop buying plastic water bottles and keep refilling the same few time and again. Always use both sides of the paper that you write or print on to prevent trees being cut down and collect undamaged wrapping paper to be reused at a later date. Likewise with greetings cards, you can recycle half and make gift tags from the remaining half. Remember that things like appliances, ink cartridges, batteries and cell phones can all be donated to other countries to help them out financially. It’s better to donate than to dump them as they will inevitably end up in landfill.

4. Repair Appliances Rather Than Throwing Them Away

If everyone tried to extend the lifespan of their material goods, the planet would not be in the state that it’s in. Many companies now sell white goods like refrigerators that have been restored and they come with a guarantee. At a fraction of the cost of a brand new one, you could be saving the planet and saving your money at the same time. It’s the same with clothing and accessories such as shoes and purses. These can all be bought from charitable organizations or from online auction sites. Recycling your own clothes and buying used clothes can make a huge difference to the planet.

5. Be Eco-Friendly In Your Routines

For example, try and use plants in your yard that thrive in dry, shaded conditions. This is ideal if there’s a hosepipe ban during summer months because you won’t need to use as much water. When feeding your lawns, set your sprinkler at a less powerful setting so that it’s just the grass that gets the drink it needs and not the sidewalk.

Fix leaks around the home to preserve water. It may only seem like a small drip but over the months it can soon add up. Have your attic insulated to prevent heat escaping from your roof and repair broken windows so that the seals are working perfectly. You can check this by holding a lighter or candle along each window frame and if the flame flickers, then a draught is getting in. Remember to have your thermostat turned down in the winter to save energy and unplug all of your appliances every night before bed.

These easy eco-friendly steps can make a big difference to the planet. Landfills will be less full and there will be less emissions clogging up the precious air that we breathe every single day.

About the author:

Mike Sorensen is a structural engineer and master cabinet maker and the author of audio blog. He provides tips for soundproofing a room using environmentally friendly sound production methods and generally tries to do good by mother Earth.

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