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Guest Post: Top 10 ways of how being green can save you money at home

Fill your dishwasher and washing machine

Be sensible when it comes to using the dishwasher and washing machine. Only use them if you have a full load as it’s better to do one full load rather than two, three, four or more “mini-loads” of washes. Otherwise, you are using up much more electricity and hot water needlessly.

Hang your clothes instead of using the dryer

If the weather is good, take advantage of the “free clothes drying service” by hanging your clothes outside and your clothes will dry very quickly in the fresh air. And even if the weather is bad, you can still hang your clothes indoor by using the radiator, chairs or simply purchase a clothes airer to hang them all in one place.

Take showers instead of baths

If you take regular baths, it might be time for you to stop. Filling the bath tub will use up an incredible amount of hot water, yet you can still be just as clean by taking a shower.

Use energy-saving light bulbs but also turn off the lights

They may seem expensive at first, but these energy-saving light bulbs will guarantee to save you money in the long run. These bulbs use less energy than the standard light bulbs and you will eventually save money on your electricity and pay off the extra cost of the energy-saving bulbs. However, even after having these bulbs fitted, it does not give you the excuse of leaving the lights on. It’s all very simple: if nobody is using the lights, turn it off.

Reuse and recycle your leftover food

There’s nothing wrong with reusing or recycling your food. If you have cooked too much, don’t throw them away. You can store them in the fridge or freezer and reheat them up again as a snack, take with you to work for lunch, cook up a quick side dish for dinner, etc. Likewise, you can use used foods as natural compost for your garden as they will be full of vital nutrients and minerals for your plants.

Use watering can instead of sprinklers or hose

Using sprinklers or hoses to water the garden will significantly use up more water than a watering can. There would be a good chance that you will over-water the garden, particularly for the sprinklers as they tend to be left on and forgotten about when turned on. Using a watering can will allow you to control just the right amount of water for your garden.

Avoid wasting heat (keep doors and windows closed)

If you have the heating turned on, don’t waste it by leaving the doors and windows open. You will end up using more heating just to make for the wasted heat which has left the room. Keeping your windows and doors closed will allow you to heat up the rooms very quickly and reduce the likelihood of keeping the heating on for longer than necessary.

Keep your refrigerator and freezer door closed

Sometimes, the simplest action can make a big difference to your utility bills. After opening the fridge or freezer it’s important to, not just close it when not in use, but also make sure that it is properly closed. Leaving the doors to be open, however small it is, will encourage the appliances to work harder and produces more energy to replace the cold air which has crept out.

Reduce your car journeys

Organise your car journeys by carrying out all of your errands in one go and reduce your visits to the petrol station. If you have to go shopping, pick up your kids, go to the petrol station, take the kids to their ballet lessons, etc., why don’t you see if you can fulfil all of your duties with as little car journeys as possible? Constantly driving to and from your home will, unsurprisingly, consume more petrol.

Turn off the TV if not in use

Most of us don’t tend to notice when our TV is left on in the background, yet it can make a big difference to your electricity bill. Since TVs are getting bigger and more technologically advanced, it will naturally take up more energy if you leave on your top-of-the-range 52” LCD TV in the background. If nobody is watching TV, you can help to save to energy and money by simply turning it off.

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