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Guest Post: What to Do in a Winter Garden

November 9, 2012 by  
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“Let’s go outside!” is probably not your first though when winter sets in. People spend hundreds of pounds a year on winter clothes, but the sad thing is that those gloves, coats and scarves never see much action because their owners are doing everything they can to avoid leaving the house. It’s hard to blame them – winter can be a cold and unforgiving season even before you factor in the usual British weather – but the world is a beautiful place at this time of year, and getting out in that crisp, cold air is one of the best bits of winter. Besides Christmas, obviously.

Still, there’s no need to go for a ten-mile hike just so you can take in the loveliness of the season. This is where having a lovely garden can be truly rewarding; it’s much easier to appreciate the brisk beauty of winter when you’ve got central heating and a cup of hot chocolate close at hand. But what does one do in a winter garden, exactly? Get out the football and have a kick about?

Well yeah, if you like, because the point towards which we’re shuffling here is that a frosty winter garden can be just as enjoyable as a balmy summer one. You might actually have to wear that plush winter coat you bought (keep the scarf and gloves on standby), but at the end of the day, there’s nothing you can do in your garden that you can’t continue doing once winter arrives.

So invite your friends over, set up a table and chairs out the back, and bask in the chilly charm of your wonderful winter garden. Have a hot drink or two and pick over the gossip of the week – you’ll forget you’re even supposed to be cold!

Oh, and if you really want to get the most out of your winter garden, why not host a barbecue? If you have a barbecue at home, you’ve most likely put it into hibernation for the colder months, but drag it out of the cupboard and dust off the cobwebs because nothing says ‘outdoor fun’ like a good old-fashioned barbecue party! Your friends might not be thrilled at the prospect of having to stand around in the cold for ages while you get the grill going, but if you’ve ever visited a burger van during a fireworks display, we don’t need to tell you how good hamburgers and hot dogs taste when you’re out in the elements.

So don’t stay indoors this December – get out in the open and enjoy your winter garden to the full! If you really can’t stand the cold, there are all sorts of outdoor heaters on the market that will help you to stay toasty while you’re chilling in the garden. Going outside when it’s nice and nippy is great fun, and if nothing else it will make you appreciate the warmth of your house all the more.

Joel Dear is a blogger and copywriter for greensquares, a Cardiff-based company who sell all kinds of beautiful garden products, including outdoor lighting, outdoor heaters, garden ornaments, and much more. 

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